Working out? Instant results are a Myth

Working out?  Instant results are a Myth!

Have you just started a new workout program ?  Have you diligently been doing your workout for the last 8 days?  Are you starting to become the tiniest bit frustrated that you aren’t seeing any results yet?  Join the club!  You and everyone else feels this way when starting a new routine.

I have good news and bad news.

The bad news… you probably aren’t going to see results right off the bat.  If you do it was likely water-weight lost after cleaning up the diet.  And if you are already in great shape those results you are looking for may be very hard to obtain.

The good news… if you are doing a well crafted program (like beachbody’s offerings) and you follow it to the letter you WILL see results by the END of the program.  Yes the END.  Of course that is not to say you won’t see any results along the way –  but these programs are designed to give maximum results at the end of the routine, not 1-2 weeks in.

Most 90-day programs go like this:

  • phase 1: start with a “get used to this / build up stamina” phase.
  • phase 2: move to a “do the actual work”
  • phase 3: wrap with a “now lets cut the fat and see the results” section.

An exception to this progression is Insanity, but otherwise, this is pretty much how Beachbody programs are put together.

So how do you beat “first phase frustration”? All you can do is set your expectations right.  Here are a few tips:

  • Do each workout as hard as you can while maintaining perfect form
  • Follow the program to the letter – including the nutrition guide!
  • Resist the urge to double up workouts unless you really know what you are doing.  You might injure yourself, create burn-out or not adjust your calorie intake properly.
  • Set your expectations to 90-days.  Mentally prepare yourself for the fact that you may feel like nothing is happening right off the bat.  Give yourself over to the process and don’t question it.  Don’t try and out-smart it our find shortcuts.  Just do the work.
  • Take before & after photos.  This is huge.  SEEING is believing.  If you followed the program & nutrition, you will see a change!

Hope this helps everyone.  Now go hit play!

Love to hear your thoughts!