Why You Should Weigh Your Food in Grams

Get over your fear of the metric system and buy a food scale already!

This entire article depends on you buying a digital food scale that weighs in grams.  Go to AMAZON and buy one now.  They are relatively cheap.  Make sure it will let you zero-out the weight of your plate or container you will place your food in.  Then read on…

You already know I preach about weighing your food to really nail your nutritional goals.  You’ve read my previous articles about finding your GOAL weight and calories.  Maybe you’ve tried to do the math and figure out YOUR goals…. maybe you are already implementing your plan?  Are you still weighing with cups & spoons?  You may be blowing your diet and not even know it!

The 2 advantages to weighing food in grams

First advantage:  no mess.  Second advantage: when you use a program like SPARKPEOPLE to track your calories, you can easily track exact-adjustments in quantity.  For example:

2T of Hummus = 28 grams

SPOONS METHOD:  you can use messy “spoons” to measure out 2 Tablespoons.  You’ll probably over scoop and you have no way of knowing how much you really got.  You have to get the hummus off the spoons which is wastefully and messy.  In the future you may resort to just eye-balling those 2T. And you will probably eye-ball wrong.

GRAMS METHOD:  turn on scale, weigh whole container, lid & all.  Note weight, lets say its 145grams to start.  Eat your hummus, eye ball it or just eat out of the container (like I do).  Still try to stick to your serving size however.  Now, put the lid back on and weigh the container again.  The reading is now 108g.  Subtract the two numbers – the result shows I ate exactly 37grams of hummus.  I can put this number right into my calorie tracker because I entered the food item data in grams to begin with.


Anyone want to do the math to figure out how many tablespoons 37 grams equals?
No, I didn’t think so.

This video show you just how “off” you can be using cups and spoons:

Convinced yet?


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