What to Eat on your New Diet : Macronutrients and Math part One

So it is nearly the new year and you have every intention of nailing your workouts come January 1st…

but what about your diet?

Maybe you’ve followed a workout guide like Insanity before and eaten according to their plan?  If you have done this there is a very good chance it worked and worked well… for a while.  But as you get a little closer to your goal perhaps it is getting harder to figure out exactly what you need to do to get to your final goal?  Have you plateaued?  Maybe you have never ever figured out what works for you…

I want to try and help!

I am not a registered dietician.  I’ll say that now so if you want to ignore me and talk to a doctor, I highly encourage that.  I do however, have a number of years experience with a multitude of diet programs and a particular interest in working with and figuring out calories, carbs and fat ratios that really work for the average person.

I am 5’3″ and a girl.  This means I get to eat nearly nothing to maintain my weight unless I work out and build muscle.  Cardio alone doesn’t work… only building muscle burns enough calories for me to feel like I get to eat more than a pauper’s portion.  Do I look like a bodybuilder because of the muscle?  Not by a long shot.  Not even a little bit.

So, you are wondering, how do I figure out what I should eat?  Well, I am happy to help you.  I’ll do my best to try and tell you in this multi-part blog post, but if you need more help you are welcome to contact me in the comments below and I’ll do my best to answer questions.

Eating well and nailing your calories and nutrients is as much work as the workout itself.

I’m sorry to burst the bubble of an easy solution.  I really wish there was a drive through solution for our eating right but there is not.  Just like the work it takes to commit to your workout program, your family, or your job, your diet takes nearly as much commitment.  You have to be willing to track your food, read food labels and (gasp) cook a little for yourself.  Only once you truly know your food and what is in it will this work.

So, in the interest of not making this the longest blog post ever here is your first assignment to put you on the path to nutritional enlightenment.

Assignment One:
Create a new habit and a new awareness

  1. Go to my calculator page and figure out your daily caloric requirement.
  2. Go to SPARKPEOPLE and sign up for a free calorie tracking account.  Set it up based on the calorie recommendation you were given in step one.
  3. Buy yourself a FOOD SCALE  like the one HERE or any that measures digitally in Grams and lets you zero out the weight of a dish or container.  You wouldn’t want to count the weight of your actual plate would you?
  4. Weigh and track everything you eat for 2 weeks in the Sparkepeople food tracker.  You do not need to nail any diet or calorie requirements yet.  You don’t have to change anything.  I just want you to start to read packages, weigh your food portions and learn what is IN the foods you eat and how much you eat.  Super simple.
In two weeks we will discuss what to do with your new-found macro nutrient awareness!

(As a bonus assignment – try to keep your daily Sugar grams under 30-40g.  Good luck!)


Love to hear your thoughts!