What is the Ideal Weight for a Short 5’3″ Woman?

Read:  ideal-weight, not unrealistic weight!

In my last article I talked a bit about calculating an ideal calorie/nutrient range for short women. You can view that post HERE.

Our topic today is how do you even figure out what your “ideal weight” should be in the first place?  The short answer is:  it varies and consult your physician.  Haha, sorry, had to say it.

The long answer takes a bit of calculating and intuition.  All these online calculators seem to have varying answers.  Personally I tend to do an average of what I’m told.  You know yourself best so as  long as you don’t have unrealistic super-model expectations you can probably find the right answer for you with a little data collecting.

First we start with your BMI.  This stands for Body Mass Index. We use the BMI to see if you are in the proper range for your height.  Somewhere in the middle of “normal” is great.  Too close to one end or the other of the spectrum might be a problem.  You can calculate yours HERE.

So What does this BMI number mean?

  • 18.5 or less is considered to be underweight for most people.
  • 18.5 to 24.9 is considered to be normal for most people.
  • 25 to 29.9 is considered to be overweight for most people.*
  • 30.0 or greater is considered to be obese for most people.*

The calculator I use is just meant to be a source for a quick reference to see how you are doing at a glance. For an in-depth BMI calculator we need to find a much more complicated calculator. The calculator needs to consider gender & build.  Finding a calculator that can suggest a healthy weight range along with reporting the BMI number is ideal. I can’t really afford such a fancy calculator for my website, but you can find one HERE. You can also go to your doctor and get an exact assessment and professional opinion.  Today we will use the tools most of us have the time and money for, online calculators.

Here are the results for a hypothetical, 5’3″ woman weighing 140 lbs…

So this 140 pound woman should probably weight more like 121-135 lbs for her build.

But which is it?  121 pounds or 135 pounds?

Well, take a look at the BMI number, it’s 24.8.  The high end of normal is 24.9, the low end 18.5.  I can’t tell you the exact right answer for you, but for me, I’d probably figure that it would be better to closer to the middle or lower-end of this range vs. at the top end.  Thoughts?

Further refinement

The next thing to take into consideration is your Body Fat percentage.  This will give you another view of where you stand and if you need to lean toward the higher or lower end of your BMI recommendations.

I’ll be posting the next chapter in the endless mess of online calculators next.  Check back soon!



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