Tips For Scheduling your Workouts: 21-Day Fix

Tips For Scheduling your Workouts with the 21-Day fix

You are all excited when you order the 21-Day Fix, P90X3 or T25 right? You are giddy thinking about how you are finally going to get your Sh*% together and finish a program. Am I wrong here?

A week passes and your program finally arrives. What you do next is crucial to your success! Do you:

  1. open the box, grab the DVDs and food containers and chuck the rest?
  2. open the box, grab the DVDs and food containers and chuck the rest?
  3. open the box, grab the DVDs and food containers and chuck the rest?

Haha, just checking you are reading.  As you imagined what I listed above is what most people do.  Its a shame.  Here are some tips for actually being successful on the 21-Day Fix program.


  • Order your program – duh!
  • Block off 60 minutes on your calendar starting today – every day!  60 min accounts for getting ready to workout, working out, cooling down & showering.  Be realistic here and really block off the time.
  • COMMIT to this time and schedule the rest of your life around it.
  • Clean out your kitchen.  Get rid of all the crap you know you aren’t supposed to have.
  • Go grocery shopping.  You don’t have your program yet, but why wait to start adding some healthy items to your menu?
  • Try adding more water to your day
  • When is the last time you REALLY stretched?  Yoga?
  • Do you have your program yet?  If not go on a walk or jog.
  • Continue to add healthier choices to your diet / stretch / walk /jog or throw in a workout video you already own.  Start to get used to moving daily and making time for it.  Same goes for taking the time to prep healthy meals!


  • Read the nutrition guide.  Figure out your calories and how many colored containers you can have at each meal. Create a spreadsheet to get organized if you need to.  Ask questions of your challenge group.  Do whatever it takes to understand what you are supposed to be doing.
  • Education and planning  is the difference between success and failure.
  • Read the workout guide.  Go back to your calendar and put each workout by name on your calendar in the already designated time-slot. Plan the rest of your life AROUND those workouts.
  • Get your grocery shopping done before you start.
  • Now hit play!  Time to get started!
  • Are the workouts too hard?  Good! They are supposed to be!  You wouldn’t get anything out of the program if the workouts were easy for you.  Just do your best, work hard and get sweaty.  If you have to modify there is no shame in that.
  • Are you sticking to your meal plan?  Go grocery shopping again before you are out of food and hit the easy button.
  • Too sore to workout?  All the more reason to hit play!  I promise you will feel better after the workout than before if you are sore.


Here is where you have to TRUST THE PROCESS.  You are not smarter than the hundreds of people who developed this program.  This was developed through science and testing of results with control groups.  Don’t try and “outwit” the process.   At a week or two you may still not see results….. that is OK!  As long as you are actually following the plan exactly, eating right and working out (hard) you will see results by the end.  The only people that may not see results either have a medical condition (like untreated hypothyroid) or didn’t have the weight to lose in the first place.

Want in on the 21-Day Fix Challenge?  Start here:


Love to hear your thoughts!