The Cardio Myth: all I have to do is a ton of cardio right?

This geared a bit more towards the ladies today, but can really apply to anyone who ONLY does cardio for their daily workout.

When we are young (say under 30) it is pretty darn easy to keep weight off with a little cardio and watching what you eat.  I remember the days in high-school where I could lose 5lbs in a week by just eliminating fried food and walking vs driving to school.  I miss those days!

Here is the unfortunate reality… as we age, our bodies lose muscle.  That muscle that kept our metabolisms revved up when we were young is slowly disappearing year after year.

Are you someone who only does cardio?  As you get older have you found you have to do just a little more over time to stay the same?  Maybe when you were 20 you would go on a 3 mile run 2-3 times a week, but now you have to do a 5 mile run 3-4 times a week?  Just to stay the same?  Do you find you used to be able to eat whatever you wanted, but now you are counting calories and feeling a little deprived?

Well, sorry all.  It is time to bust the Cardio Myth.  Cardio is great for burning some momentary calories and certainly great for your heart, we need it,  but running, walking, biking is not what will make you burn extra calories ALL DAY and allow you to eat more.  How do you burn EXTRA calories all day?  You add muscle!

Men generally have no problem when I tell them this.  Women… they don’t believe me.  They don’t want to look bulky or masculine by having muscles.  They still hold tight to the old-them who could “cardio their way to thin” in high school.  Ladies, time for a head-check.  Skinny and scrawny is not sexy.  Skinny and flabby doesn’t make you look good in your clothes, it makes you look like a clothes hanger.  Get over the fear of a little muscle and start torching calories in your sleep.


That is me on the left. I’m short, only 5’3″ but when I added 10lbs of muscle I lost about 15lbs of fat (yes, I weight 5lbs more!) My clothes are loser and I get to eat more!


And guess what, the more calories your muscles are burning, the more you get to eat to fuel the fire!  (caveat:  those calories need to be CLEAN!)

Want to know how to gain muscle and lift weights the right way?  There are a number of Beachbody programs I use, but so far, my favorites are Chalean Extreme and p90x.  p90x3 will be coming out soon, and who knows, I may have another favorite to add to my arsenal.

Ensure Success

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