Staying on track: What to do between holidays?

November & December.   So many holidays and parties to splurge at!

These are the months that most of us put on our yearly 5-10lb gain.  Are your holiday treats really worth this kind of damage to your body each year?  Don’t you think there could be some sort of compromise?

Think about it.  You have Halloween, Thanksgiving, and all the various December holidays…followed my New Years Eve & day! Holy cow that is a lot!  But in between these holidays are good, solid gaps of time.

What if you planned mini-challenges for yourself?  A week or a month where you really did some good work with your diet and exercise in between the chaos?  Did I say skip your holiday treats?  Nope.  But consider keeping those treats to just the specific days of your celebration vs. letting them spill over (still eating Halloween candy anyone?).

Here are some ideas for your in between the holidays fitness plan:

3-Day Refresh
A 3-day “cleanse” where you drink specific protein & fiber shakes paired with a light vegan menu.  Challengers average weight loss = 5lbs.

21-Day Fix
A 21-Day workout, meal supplement shake and menu plan that helps you learn the habit of eating healthy without having to weigh your food or count calories.  Challengers average weight loss = 8lbs.

A 30-day meal supplement shake (order an additional 30-day supply if you like it) plus a 60-day workout & nutrition program focused on yoga & Pilates but moving at a faster pace for a cardio-effect as well.  I suggest adding your cheat days to this program and making it a 62-65 day program to account for them.  Happy to help with suggestions!  Challengers average weight loss = 14lbs.

Piyo + 3-Day Refresh + Shakeology combo-pack is on sale for the month of November by the way…. now there is a real challenge!  This would make a great gift as well!

You could do the 3-Day refresh and start a walking program early in November to jump-start yourself. After that, watch your sugar intake and stick with you walking until Thanksgiving.

On December 1st, start the PiYo program, but extend the days to account for parties you will be attending.  5 parties = 5 days  extra days on the program.  You would finish your 60-day PiYo program towards the end of January or beginning of February.

Guess what, you could be half-way done with your “New Years Resolution Diet” by the time you were cracking the champagne on Jan 1st!  How cool is that?

I have a lot more ideas for getting creative with the holidays!  Feel free to message me directly!

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Love to hear your thoughts!