Resolution Workout Success : Calendar + New Home Gym

There are a million and one excuses to not get to your workout everyday.  Obstacles such as work, kids, lack of sleep, homework, or social obligations all stack up and kill our workouts.  Today I wanted to discuss two things you can do to help clear the way to getting your workout done.

Your Calendar

Your calendar is your most important ally and accountability partner.  I like to put my entire workout schedule for weeks in advance on my calendar.  Later, when obligations begin to fill in, my workout time might change, but it never gets eliminated from my day.  My workout has a permanent place on my to-do list and I schedule around it.  This point is important….


Schedule your day around your workout NOT your workout around your day.

I like to workout in the morning, so my calendar looks something like this:

  • MONDAY:  cardio – 9am
  • TUESDAY:  Pump Extreme – 8am
  • WEDNESDAY: yoga & abs – 10am
  • THURSDAY: Pump Revolution – 4pm
  • FRIDAY: cardio – 8am
  • SATURDAY:  Pump Extreme – 9am
  • SUNDAY: rest day

Try this sometime soon….if you start now you might just have it permanently on your calendar by  January 1st.  I say try now because for people with a full calendar (isn’t that all of us?) it might take 2 weeks or so to find some consistency to your availability.  You will eventually find a point in your calendar where your workout will be the first thing you’re blocking out.  Sometimes I have to swap workout times or days around, but I very rarely need to delete or miss workouts.  Once you get to this point it is easy to maintain and becomes a habit after just a few weeks. If you take nothing else away from this or you aren’t a calendar person at least follow this rule:

Block time for YOU then learn to say NO to requests that conflict with your workouts.  If that is 5am or 10pm, just hit play…

Home Gym set up for Body Beast workoutSet up your Home Gym

You don’t need a whole room or basement dedicated to your gym for this.  You do need a small space that is yours.  A space you can put your weights and gear which is located very close to where you workout in your home.

The more I have to set-up and tear-down the less motivated I am to hit play.

In my case I have a 2nd bedroom that is sort of a catch-all room.  I’ve cleared floor space and set up a large computer monitor to my dvd player.  I have a chin-up bar in the doorway and a fan in the corner for when its hot.  I can walk in any time and hit play without having to do anything.  I have no excuse.  Its all there waiting for me and all I have to do is walk in.





Love to hear your thoughts!