Reset your Metabolism: Easy New Year Diet Plan

Reset your Metabolism: Easy New Year Diet Plan

Have you hit a wall in your weight loss journey?  Do you feel like no matter how little you eat you just can’t lose any weight?  Well… been there, done that!  I feel your pain.

If this sounds like you, then I want you to try a NEW plan for the new year.  We are going to reset your metabolism and get you body burning calories like a furnace once more.

This is a no-frills, easy to follow plan.  You could eat like this for the rest of your life (which is the idea) and have a good chance of sticking with it.

In your quest to lose weight you may have fallen into a trap.  The western diet trap.  This food trap sells you food labeled as “healthy” or “diet” or “all natural” when most foods with any label are anything but.  Our Western diet food trap had told you that carbs are bad and that fat is bad, neither of which are true as long as your meals are balanced and you aren’t eating carbs in the form of added sugar & trans-fats.  Fat helps you feel satiated, you should have some. Whole grains fill you up and give you energy to work out… or run after your toddler all day.

The western diet gives us giant portions and fake, chemical laden food.  Eating isn’t the problem, its quality and portion sizes that matter!


Jen’s detox-metabolism-revving diet*:

  1. TOSS:  go through your house & throw away anything with added chemicals, corn syrup, fake sweeteners, added colors or preservatives.  Toss all the food, that isn’t real food.  Hint: if it has a label telling you how healthy it is… its probably bad for you… read the ingredients.
  2. VEGETABLES:  buy a wide array of colors, heavy on GREEN & leafy.  The more colors the better.  Pre-chopped & bagged is fine though more expensive (just make sure there is only ONE ingredient in the bag – no chemicals or additives).  Buy organic as much as you can afford… especially the green leafy things.
  3. FRUIT:  fruit is now your dessert.  Buy organic if you can.  Fruit is not breakfast or lunch, its not for a smoothie.  Fruit is your sweet-treat now.  Eat the whole fruit (no juicing).
  4. CARBS / STARCH:  breakfast cereal, white rice, and white breads are out.  Read labels and find the lowest sugar, most “whole-grain” bread you can find.  OR even better, if you are up for it, cut gluten all together.  I’ve not been able to do this, but I have really cut way back on anything containing wheat.  Instead opt for whole grains like quinoa, brown rice, millet, and starches like sweet potatoes, beans and legumes.  Attempt to cook these items from scratch vs opening cans as much as possible.  If you have to start with cans, fine.  Try and move to the dried version as soon as you can.
  5. MEAT:  meat is now a condiment instead of the main course.  Fill up on vegetables first, unprocessed carbs/starch next and meat last.  Look for meat that is grass-fed when possible and at least anti-biotic free if you can.  3-4 ounces of meat at dinner is more than plenty.  Less at lunch.
  6. DAIRY:  no rBHT treated cows!  Cattle feed should be GMO free!  Personally I don’t eat a ton of dairy in any form.  Consider limiting dairy if you eat a lot of it.  You can easily get more fat than you need in a day from dairy.  Also, many people don’t even realize they have issues with dairy digestion which can lead to inflammation*
  7. SAUCES / CONDIMENTS:  when you cleaned your kitchen of all food-stuff with chemicals and preservatives most of your sauces and condiments should have been tossed as well.  Season food with citrus juice, chili flakes, pepper, a small splash of good olive oil or vinegar.  Hot sauces made with no additives are great choices for adding flavor without the junk.  If you cook, make some of your own sauces!
  8. DESSERTS:  see # 3 and perhaps a small amount of dark chocolate now and then.
  9. NO TRANS-FATS.  Enough said.  Fat itself is not a problem, but trans-fats are poison.
  10. ORGANIC:  Buy organic – as much as you can afford & especially the green leafy foods.
  11. QUANTITY:  Lets not measure yet, but here are a few tips:
  • Instead start using a salad plate instead of a dinner plate.
  • you can have fat & carbs, but don’t go crazy.  veggies are what should be more than half of what you eat.

Bottom line:

Yes… you are going to have to eat real food & probably have to cook unless you can get someone to cook for you.


Here is the great part.  I want you to eat…. especially breakfast.  I want you to eat at LEAST 5 times a day.  3 meals + 2 snacks.  No more skipping breakfast or lunch and pigging out at night when you are starving and make bad choices.

Here is a sample menu.

low-sugar toast w/coconut oil spray
1 whole pasture raised egg + 2 egg whites
spinach cooked in with the eggs

Greek yogurt (150g)
Gluten Free Granola (1/2 serving)

mixed veggies or salad + lentils
2-3 oz lean protein (usually chicken or fish)
1T salad dressing or sauce of some kind / low sugar

usually shakeology + water

1-3 types of veggies
quinoa or brown rice or sweet potato
3-4 oz lean protein
1T salad dressing or sauce of some kind / low sugar

small piece of amazing fruit or berries
sometimes 1/2 a PB sand too if it was a big workout day.

I wouldn’t bother with counting calories when you start if you have never been successful with changing your eating habits before.  Later as you get used to this new lifestyle I can help you figure out your calorie requirements if you need to lose weight.  Don’t worry about weight at first, just start with learning what clean eating is.

Reset your Metabolism with this Easy New Year Diet Plan!

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*Disclaimer:  consult your doctor before following any nutritional advice you find on the internet!  I am not a doctor and do not know any special needs you may have.

Love to hear your thoughts!