Realistic Travel Tips For Dieting: How Not To Blow It to Hell

Realistic Travel Tips For Dieting: How Not To Blow It to Hell

Do you find that every time you travel you quit your workout and nutrition program?  Why do you think that is?  Do you feel like since you splurged when away that there is no point in continuing?  Do you feel like you failed so why bother?

Want to know a secret?  EVERYONE feels like quitting when it comes to travel.  I mean, you are on VACATION (or at least visiting a new city for work I hope?) you want to relax and enjoy yourself.  Sticking to your at-home routine is WORK… and that is no fun on a vacation.  Am I right?

Well, you know what is also not fun after a vacation?  Getting on the scale and dealing with the 5lbs of damage you bring back with you.  Having to re-motivate to start over is no fun either.  Is feeling like a failure for a while after you return worth the free-for-all when you were on vacation?  Do you think, just maybe, you could find a compromise?

Here are my tips for enjoying your travels while not destroying your fitness routine.  Trust me, I love to splurge on vacation.  I seek out local specialties and I’m not going to eat salad every meal.  I do however have some tricks up my sleeve so I can hit the ground running upon my return without losing much ground while I was gone.


1.  Eat a healthy breakfast.  Sure you could eat out, but breakfast foods are pretty much the same everywhere… except maybe in Asia.  You can find great french toast at home so skip the breakfast splurge when you travel.  Calories saved:  1000+

2.  Only splurge once a day.  Unless you are only traveling for one day (in which case, just go for it) decide ahead of time what your treat of the day will be.  Is it the fancy Italian place you’ve been wanting to try?  Maybe its the fried shrimp Po’ Boys of your childhood?  A giant dessert?  Pick one, not both.  The rest of the time order sauces, condiments & dressings on the side, nothing fried and eat your (steamed) veggies.  Also keep carbs to a minimum.  You don’t have to be perfect, just make the best choice you can at the time. Calories saved: 1000-2000 per day.


3.  Plan ahead.  Do not wait until you are starving before deciding where to eat.  Plan ahead on where you want to eat and choose your splurge or healthy food places judiciously.  Waiting until you are starving is a recipe for disaster…. plus you may miss some culinary gems because you didn’t make a reservation.

If you are a really good plan-ahead-er, you can also pack Shakeology & healthy snacks in your luggage.  Packing healthy snacks has saved me on more than one occasion where timing or logistics would have prevented me from eating.

4.  Share meals.  Rarely when you eat out are meals properly portioned.  Find a travel companion who is willing to split meals with you.  If either of you are still hungry after splitting, drink some water and order a side salad.  More heavy food is just more and will make you feel like crap anyway.  Calories saved: 500+

5.  Find a rental with a kitchen & go shopping.  Make breakfast at home.  Prepare some healthy snacks. Make lunches.  The 30 minutes of trouble it takes will save you A LOT of time, money and calories on your vacation!  I do this in Vegas every time.  A condo at the Signature suites has a full kitchen and Whole Food & Trader Joe’s is only a cab ride away.  Then I eat dinners out but don’t have to spend $$$ and time trying to feed myself through the day when I’m usually busy with seminars, shopping or hitting the pool.


6.  Only get wasted once a week (or less) on your trip.  This may not apply to you, but I know a lot of people it does apply to.  Many view a vacation as a call to action to get wasted. Repeatedly.  Its like they revert back to their college days.  If this is you, did you know you don’t have to do that?  And you might actually enjoy your trip MORE if you get a good night’s sleep and aren’t hung over every morning?  You might even stave off that travel bug most people get from the airplane if you get enough sleep.  Calories saved: 800+ per incident.

7. WALK EVERYWHERE.  If you do nothing else, walk as much as possible and always take the stairs.  If you have access to a gym, try to do at least half of your normal workouts.  Be sure to get some exercise right before you head home.  Keep your body moving while you are traveling and it will be easier to resume your routine upon your return home.

Once you get home:

Pick up where you left off, no matter how poorly you behaved on vacation.  Don’t let your travels make you quit!  You haven’t failed, you just took a break.  You never have to start a new fitness program if you never quit.  Keep going no matter what!

I also suggest NOT stepping on the scale until you have been home a week.

Have more tips?  Please share!!


Love to hear your thoughts!