Pregnant: Can I exercise? Shakeology?

“I’m Pregnant: Can I exercise? Drink Shakeology?”

I get this question a lot!  Since I have a lot of female clients, I must cover topics like these at least once a month.  I may just start a pregnancy health series to try and help everyone.

Today, however, we will chat about working out and Shakeology while pregnant.

NOTE:  Talk to your doctor!  I am not a physician! Ultimately it is at your own risk that you take advice from the internet.  Talk to your doctor and do what is best for YOU and your baby.


The rule of thumb I’ve always read is that if you’ve exercised before, you can keep on doing it.  New studies seem to show that there is no significant impact on your baby if working out… or not.  So why would you stop?  The more muscle you have, the more calories you will burn just sitting on the couch.  Who doesn’t want that to off-set a case of the pregnancy munchies?

Keeping your heart rate under 90% of your max is also a good rule of thumb.  You wouldn’t want to cut blood flow or oxygen to your precious little one would you?

What workouts can you do?  Well, for one, you can do what you have already been doing.  Running, jogging, walking, yoga, pilates, swimming, cycling.  Keep in mind though, that whatever exercise you select, you will need to modify anything that causes you discomfort.

Looking for a new workout that is low-impact?  Consider joining my challenge group doing Chalene Johnson’s new PIYO dvd series (video).  PIYO combines the best of Yoga and Pilates into a low-impact, weight-free workout that builds muscles and tones your body using your own body weight.

jenderyM1047After the first trimester many docs will tell you to not lay flat on your back for too long.  Don’t just quit those exercises though!  Think about ways you can modify (use an exercise ball? a chair?) and still work the muscle group in question.


Technically, yes. There is a lot of anecdotal evidence that it is perfectly safe.  Of course there aren’t any actual studies though for ethical reasons.  I mean who is going to actually agree to test something out on their unborn baby?   If I were pregnant, I would probably be drinking shakeology after the 1st trimester when the doc says the baby has developed normally and is healthy.  Is it unsafe in the 1st trimester?  I don’t believe so, this choice is up to you.  Consider taking the ingredient list to your doctor to look over.  If you are already taking a multi-vitamin it is best to drink VEGAN shakeology as it is not fortified with vitamins.  You definitely don’t want to double up on your vitamin A!

Here is the Beachbody (manufacturer) official stance on the matter:  HERE

You can get PiYO + Shakeology in a discounted “Challenge Pack” – I believe its the perfect 1st & 2nd trimester workout program.  You can order the Challenge Pack HERE.

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Love to hear your thoughts!