My Perfect Breakfast: Eggs & Toast

My Perfect Breakfast:  Eggs & Toast

Eggs and toast. Honestly I can eat this nearly every day.  It keeps me full and fuels me in the morning when I need it most.  A breakfast like this helps me not give in to cravings later in the day.

1.  One Pasture-raised egg (not the same as pasturized / pasture raised, means the chickens walk around on a farm like you imagine they do on a small family farm) Cook as desired using coconut or olive oil spray.

2. One piece of Toast.  I LOVE Alpine Bakery because it is lower-carb & lower-sugar.  I use a light spray of coconut oil on it then put it in the toaster.

3. One-Two Extra egg whites.  If you an afford to use the Pasture-Raised eggs that is best, but they are a bit expensive to be tossing the yolks out.  I buy a container of organic egg whites to use.

MACROS:  calories 156 / fat 4g / protein 13g / sugar 3g / carbs 13g

Then a few hours later I have a healthy snack or what I lovingly call, 2nd breakfast!  Usually some veggies, yogurt or Shakeology.

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