Paleo Diet: Bad for Building Muscle Mass

Paleo Diet: Bad for Building Muscle Mass

The Paleo diet is the modern-day version of the no-carb diet from the late 90’s.  Perhaps a few tweaks, and a much better awareness of the evils of sugar and eating veggies thank goodness.

In fact, I actually quite like the Paleo diet… eating grass-fed beef.  YES.  Nuts, seeds, eggs, loads of veggies… YES!  But there IS one problem.  ALMOST NO CARBS!

carbfoodHere is what I don’t understand, and personally don’t agree with:  If you are trying to build muscle (and if you aren’t, you should be,) some carbs are needed just to be able to give those workouts your all and not bonk in the middle of them.  Women, listen up, you need fuel for your workouts.  Ladies & Gentlemen… you need a small excess fuel to get strengthen and grown your muscles.

White bread?  NO.  White rice? NO.  Manufactured cereals?  NO.

None of the factory produced sugar filled crap is ok.  Instead what I believe in is small servings of whole grains, beans, legumes and carb-full veggies.  These foods give us energy and stamina.  Perhaps you don’t need them at the end of the day before you go to sleep unless you workout super early in the morning, but eating a meal with some good old fashioned complex carbs in it a few hours before a hard workout does magic.  Now you might lift a little heavier, go a little harder,  add a rep or an extra few lbs to your routine.

With carbs (and the workouts) you will get the muscle definition or “tone” you’ve been dying for.

What happens if you under eat and over train?  Easy, you muscles have to repair themselves from a hard workout somehow.  If you don’t have those repair elements readily available from your diet, your body is going to pull those elements from YOU.  Yup, you will pretty much cannibalize your efforts if you are under fueled.  If that happens, why even bother with the workout?

Throw out the scale and instead measure yourself.  If you want to follow the Paleo Diet, that is fine… but add some complex carbs before your big workout and make sure you get a tiny bit of surplus calories or you probably won’t gain the muscle mass you are looking for.

Paleo Diet: Bad for Building Muscle Mass


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