P90X3 : Release Date Announced!

The release date of the heavily anticipated follow up to the P90X series has been announced!


Starting December 10th you can join us!  The amazingly popular P90X program has been stripped down to the essentials.  No resting, less talking, it’s now just 30 minutes straight of the right moves to get your a%& in shape!

P90X3 Release Date Ordering Info

You won’t see P90X3 on an infomercial or even on the Beachbody website initially.  Nope, you are going to have to order it through your Beachbody coach (get Jen Dery as your coach here) the 30min a day program will be available to order starting Dec 10.

So How Do You Order?

The way to get your personal ordering link is to pre-register for your FREE, no-obligation, Beachbody account.  You won’t get a bunch of spam, your address won’t be sold.

Challenge Group Forming Now

For those individuals who purchase a Challenge Pack (program + Shakeology subscription) You will be invited to join my private P90X3 Chat Group on Facebook.  Did you know with help from  your coach you are FIVE TIMES more likely to succeed with your program?  And it is FREE when you order a Challenge Pack from Beachbody!

Join the Facebook P90X3 Holding Tank Now!

Check out the P90X3 RESULTS VIDEO HERE!

This is going to be the best New Years Resolution Challenge ever!  I can’t wait to start it with you!

Love to hear your thoughts!