ONE thing that will help keep off holiday weight gain. Part 5

ONE thing that will help keep off holiday weight gain. Part 5.

  1. water
  2. move away from the buffet
  3. freeze it!
  4. move your body

This has been a fun little project for the holiday season.  It is keeping ME more accountable and that is something I hadn’t planned on.  I find I’m drinking more water, steering party conversations away from the buffet, filling my freezer with the leftovers (I even froze the leftover Mai Tai mix from our Bad Movie night!).  And as always, a reminder to get some exercise.

Today’s holiday challenge:  Find an accountability partner.

This can be your spouse, your kid, your best friend… you can even join my Facebook Group and I will personally do my best to help you.

By finding someone you feel accountable to, someone who will call bullshit on you when necessary, you might just find that little bit of extra willpower you need to maintain through the holiday season.  If you respond to a little tough love, this may be just what you need!

Have other great ideas for not blowing your diet and fitness routine during the holidays?  Comment below… you might just be giving a gift to a stranger who really needs it.

my accountability partner... and partner in crime ;-)

Love to hear your thoughts!