ONE thing that will help keep off holiday weight gain. Part 4

ONE thing that will help keep off holiday weight gain. Part 4

  1. water
  2. move away from the buffet
  3. freeze it!

So far you are filling up on water, making a plate of food then leaving the buffet table and you have frozen your leftovers.  Now you are going to start to move your body.

Forget a hard-core workout program (unless you are already on one) this time of year, its hard to start anything.  If you are one of the few determined to stick it out this season I commend you (and I’m with you)  but most people go into party & hibernation mode.  Shorter days, colder weather and a plethora of parties makes it so hard to be good.

Your goal for the rest of this month however?  MOVE YOUR BODY for at least 20 minutes a day… every day.  Here are some ideas:

  • Scrub down your house
  • clean out the garage
  • take the dog on a walk
  • take the kids outside & join them in play
  • put in any workout video
  • go on a walk with a friend
  • climb stairs
  • clean out your closets
  • trim and clean your yard
  • visit a heated pool and swim
  • ride your bike
  • cross-country ski or snow-shoe
  • do 600 deep squats while watching TV or at your desk or on the phone
  • do chest presses with your toddler
  • go dancing!! (my favorite)

You get the idea…. just MOVE.  Anything that makes you break a little sweat and breath a little harder.  If you live somewhere cold, you’ll get the added benefit of warming yourself up.  Now get off your ass…


my friends Noah & Megan cutting a rug at the recent San Diego Jazz Fest


Love to hear your thoughts!