ONE thing that will help keep off holiday weight gain. Part 2

Installment #2 of THE “ONE thing that will help keep off holiday weight gain” series.

Last week we discussed WATER and how to use it to help keep weight off over the holidays.  Today we discuss a simple little rule that will help you at every party, potluck and bad sweater party.

This Week’s Tip??

partyfooddiettipsNever ever stand next to the food table.

Make yourself a plate then walk away. Drag a person to talk with away with you if you must. I mean, I wouldn’t want you to go stand in a corner by yourself at a party.

The will power to make good food choices is hard enough on a daily basis, EVEN HARDER at splurgy holiday parties. Out of site is usually out of mind. Make a plate, then go meet some new friends that have also learned to not stand near the food.

If getting away from the food table isn’t an option, at least position yourself with your back to the food.  You at least have a fighting chance that way.

Until next week friends, good luck!


Love to hear your thoughts!