Early Bird Challenge Group – New Year Get Fit Plan 2013

As 2012 comes to a close we all seem to be in the midst of an epic party season.  Its been a crazy year and we aren’t quite done having fun yet. Be honest with me though… in the very back of your head you KNOW you’ve got some work to do come January 2013.  Am I wrong?

A few extra pounds, jeans just a little tighter and you know if you just can find the inspiration and help you can get to work on erasing the season’s craziness.

If you are looking for that big kick in the ass to get moving and get fit for the new year, well, you’ve found it! You’ve found the support too in the form of this new Challenge Group!

What is a Challenge Group?

In its simplest form a Challenge Group is a commitment to yourself.  In reality it is so much more.  It is a group of people just like you.  People who are ready to get in shape and need help, support and guidance to do it. To join all you need is a new Beachbody workout Program, Shakeology and your good attitude.

 The 2013 New Years Challenge Group is forming now!

Team Lean and Fit’s new challenge will be made up of people just like you.

We want people who:

  • Thrive with real accountability
  • Are willing to positively support others
  • Keep their word to their friends
  • People who can finish a project
  • and people who can follow directions.

You do NOT need to be in shape already.  You do NOT have to already know how to eat properly.  This is why we are here.  To help you on the road to transformation, keep you inspired and give you the tools to help yourself to move in the right direction.

Challenge Group Requirements

What we do for you:

  • Help you select the right program for your level
  • Help you set up your nutrition plan
  • Give you access to a private chat group for nearly instant answers
  • personal one-on-one time as needed to get you going and keep it up

To join you must be able to:

  • move your body daily with the purchase a new fitness plan
  • improve your diet
  • purchase Shakeology HD through Jen Dery
  • check in with your chat group regularly
  • share and help others with their fitness journey
  • ask for help when you stumble

View previous success stories here!

You can join our January Challenge in two ways.


Email me now to join and discuss what will work best for you. 



As a challenge pack purchaser you also have the opportunity to sign up as a coach, save on Shakeology and waive the $40 coach sign up fee at the same time.  If you have an interest in helping YOUR friends and family get fit this could be a great opportunity for you!  You can listed a bit more about it here.  If you are interested email me HERE and I’d love to chat more with you!

Love to hear your thoughts!