60-Day Shakeology Challenge – Group Forming Now

60-Day Shakeology Challenge  – New Group Forming

It seems that with the arrival of summer plus the onset of better weather, people are more inclined to get their exercise outside.  I get that.  I like to be outside as much as possible too.

So perhaps starting a new indoor DVD program isn’t in the cards until Fall?  But what to do now to really give your summer health a boost?

We focus on nutrition is what we do!

At its most basic, good nutrition is about giving your body the nutrients it needs to thrive.  So this is going to be a very basic challenge.  No major diet changes required (though they help) just a few subtle tweaks for 60 days.

Best before & after photos wins a $25 GC from Amazon!


1.  Substitute one of the meals with Shakeology:  Breakfast / Mid-morning Snack / Afternoon Snack

2.  Optional for really gung-ho participants:  Follow the 21-Day Fix Meal Plan

3.  Participate in my Facebook Group by checking in at least once a day.  This is how we support each other in our 60-day goal and give back a little to those trying to succeed with us.

4.  That’s it.  The workouts are up to you and your summer schedule. I’m happy to help make suggestions if you want them.


Super easy to join!  Email me or Message me.  I’ll have a few basic questions for you, then Beachbody will send you a personal link to place your order.  Do not purchase Shakeology without this personal link or you will not be able to get in my group.

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Love to hear your thoughts!