Menu Planning for Body Beast

Menu Planning for Body Beast.

Proper menu planning It must be done to be successful with this or any other fitness program.

Most people who plan to do Body Beast will notice a significant jump in their required calorie allotment when they read the BEAST guide (you ARE reading the guide right???!).  Some people will rejoice at the idea of eating more, but others may cringe at the qty they are told to eat and not believe it will work.

Menu Planning for Body BeastHere is a summary of why you need to eat more (and of the right combo of foods) on this program:

If you are running at a calorie or carbohydrate deficit (as you typically would to loose weight) the muscles you are trying to build up will cannibalize themselves.  You will spend all this time and energy on executing your program and be sabotaging your results by eating or fueling too little. 

Finally at the LAST phase of the program, you switch into calorie deficit mode.  Your newly formed muscle tissue now helps you burn EXTRA calories.  You cut 200-400 calories a day in this last phase, mostly in carb consumption… this leads to shedding FAT off your body.  But because you are adding protein your muscles will use that for energy with minimal cannibalization.  This is also a temporary (no more than 4 weeks) phase to drop fat.  The guide warns not to stick to this for prolonged periods.

Ok, now that we’ve covered the theory of WHY we need to eat… how do we DO it in real life??  Well, we follow the nutrition guide & recipes in the Book of Beast! that’s what!

There are a bunch of simple, clean, perfectly balanced meals laid out in the guide.  Menu planning for Body Beast is as simple as selecting a few items that look good and taking the time to shop & make them.

Too busy to cook you say?  There is no way to completely eliminate the need to procure yourself healthy food.  If you really can only pick one (workout or eat well), I would personally pick eating well first.  But here are two options to help you out:

Menu Planning for Body Beast2BUY IN BULK : COOK IN BULK

Costco or the like offers you the chance to buy a large qty of the same item.  Cook ALL OF IT AT ONCE.  Yes, 12 chicken breasts at a time.  OR a side of salmon, etc…  Buy multiple bags of prepped vegetables.  Roast all of them at once.  Buy eggs already hard-boiled.  Be prepared to eat the same breakfast lunch and dinners for the entire week.  Gain variety by finding different seasonings (see guide) that you like to lessen the monotony of selection.  Then change up the menu the following week.  Repeat.


You have to be REALLY careful here as most prepared foods are high in fat, salt & preservatives and sugar.  Look to places like Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods for pre-made items.  CAREFULLY read labels & ingredients.  At a place like Whole Foods I might visit the deli counter and buy plain chicken, salmon & steak all ready cooked.  Some grilled veggies and a big mix of greens (undressed) and perhaps a vegetable quinoa to go with it all.  This is the more expensive option, but will save you in time.

Menu Planning for Body Beast is either an investment in TIME or MONEY.  You can’t eat well without investing in at least one.

Need help or want to try this or another Beachbody Program?  Contact me today to discuss your options and find the right program for you.

Menu Planning for Body Beast

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