Make Your Food Splurges Count

Most people that know me are aware of my penchant for amazing food.  I very rarely splurge on fast-food.  I don’t splurge on food just because its there in front of me. And when I have a craving I listen to it and make it worth it.  I dole out my splurges for things that are the best quality I can get and then I go for it with no guilt.

Here is how a typical splurge conversation goes, either in person (let’s say with a friend) or in my head:

Jen:       “Oh, I’m craving pizza!  Let’s have pizza tonight!”
Friend: “Sounds good, what delivery place do you want?”
Jen:       “Yeah… no, I like that organic wood-fired place up north of the city”
Friend: “Well, sorry I have to leave in an hour”
Jen:       “That’s fine, I’ll make us a chicken salad.  Maybe we can go next week?”

This seems like a super average, boring conversation I know.  But what happened here is I made a PLAN to splurge.  I didn’t just order delivery crap pizza, I didn’t pull one out of the freezer. I didn’t offer to make us some other splurge food.  I put a plan in place to get the BEST pizza later and decided to eat healthy now.

Putting together a successful nutrition plan can be daunting.  It can feel like you are being asked to give up all the things you love.  And maybe you are a little bit.  But nowhere are you told “never-ever”.  Learning how to make your splurges worthy of you, not beneath you, that is the real task!

What is “splurge worthy” you might ask?

Think about REAL FOOD without chemicals or preservatives.  Food that started as real, identifiable ingredients and had to be made by hand.

  • Hand-made organic wood-fired pizza vs the by-the-slice cheap place
  • BBQ from that little family place that raises their own grass-fed cattle vs Tony Romas
  • Grass-fed gourmet burger vs your Classic McFast Food joint

Now Frequency and Quantity of splurges is the real enemy as we all know.  Just because you choose to splurge is not a license to go crazy.  Take a friend, get a healthy salad (super light dressing, hold the cheese) to fill you up, SPLIT the SMALL pizza, split the SMALL BBQ plate.  Have one glass of wine not the whole bottle.  Skip or split dessert.  And only do this once a week.  You can splurge and live to tell about it.  Just be smart about it.


Love to hear your thoughts!