Make Sure You Join a Winning Team!

Thinking of Becoming a Beachbody Coach? Make Sure You Join a Winning Team!

So many of my customers start off signing up as a coach just to get the 20% coach discount.  Everyone is looking for a discount or a free download for P90X3, Focus T25 and the 21 Day Fix and others.  Hey its a great way to save some money on these great Beachbody programs!  I get it!  I personally joined just to find discounted Shakeology.  I understand.

Here is something to consider however.  Don’t just randomly sign up as a coach without knowing who your sponsoring team or direct upline coach will be.  If you ever decide you want to make a go of this as a business you will have a rude awakening if you find out you have zero upline support.  Even if all you want is the discount, why not get some free personal help at the same time?  Your coach should be there to answer program questions and help you get what you need out of a program.

So you want to do more than get a discount?  Do you want to learn more, get involved and really make a difference?  Help people? I can help you with that!

Although my team of coaches are under the name “Team Lean & Fit”, did you know that we belong to one of the most successful Beachbody Teams in the US?  Our Parent team, is so awesome that they offer FREE coach training classes.  And not just some throw-away YouTube video that bores you to death, no, these are real online classes where you get personal help, lessons and encouragement.  You can get the training you need to move forward.

As your sponsoring coach, I take personal responsibility to make sure you have all the tools you need to access this training, receive personal help and start your business out right. You do not have to figure all this out on your own or re-invent the wheel.  You just have to be willing to ask for help and be able to follow directions.

coachhappinessARE YOU READY?
Ready to sign up?  Awesome!  All you have to do is MESSAGE ME.  Yes, you have to talk to an actual person to get started.  Why?  Because this is a business who’s main goal is helping people.  If you aren’t willing to chat a little with me, you probably will have a hard time talking to others about your coaching.  Good old-fashioned email is easy anyway.  I’m looking forward to hearing from you!

You CAN create a successful Beachbody Coach business.  We are here to help you.



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