First of all, thank you for considering making ME your Beachbody coach.  I will work hard to make sure you are happy with your decision and get the results you are looking for!

Who am I ??? 


Before: size 6 / 1200 calories-day / light cardio
After: size 2 / 1600 calories-day / heavy lifting
Approximately the SAME weight in both

I am a foodie a photographer a traveler and a mom to a crazy-busy toddler.

With a family history of pushing 250 lbs….I was always aware of my size potential. To try and lose weight I attempted to starve myself on 1200 calories a day on and off for YEARS.

Eating so little was awful, made me crabby and I always quit and gained it all back. When I did exercise I’d get on a kick of fast-walking or slow-jogging 3-4 days a week.

My weight was slowly creeping up no matter what.

My life has now changed 180 degrees…

I found out I was hypothyroid… the kind where your metabolism is at about ZERO.  Part of the treatment for it (besides medication) meant I had to change my lifestyle.  I knew it had to be something I could live with forever, not just another crash diet.

I had to start building muscle.  I had eat enough lean protein, eat my veggies & cut processed foods and most sugar out of my diet.

I started drinking Shakeology every day so I got all the vitamins and minerals that make my metabolism crank UP!  Did you know we are usually deficient in a ton of things?  Its like not putting gas in your car.

After having my daughter last year all the hard work paid off in spades!!!  At only 3mpp I had lost all my baby weight without even trying.  Having muscles has paid off again!

I try to eat almost no chemicals or preservatives. I do about 30-40 min of HEAVY weightlifting 3 times a week + 2×40-min cardio days + some swing dancing.

I’m 5’3, I now weigh 118-120 lbs and wear a size 2.

(For perspective, the last time I wore a size two I weighed 112lbs… that means I now have 6+ pounds of added MUSCLE now… but still a size 2.  Awesome!)

And drumroll!!!!! I now eat about 1600-1700 calories a day instead of 1200. Food Lottery!

“Ok Great, I’m sold – but what do you want me to do?”

I want you to sign up with me so we can try and help you find the fitness and nutrition program that will be sustainable for YOU for the long haul.

My help is FREE with your Shakeology subscription.

“What is a coach?”

Here is a short video about what a coach is and the Beachbody Family of programs

Working with me means having my personal support, but also gives you access to a community of people helping each other along their fitness journeys.  I follow the practices prescribed by the Beachbody community and have a lot of experience with most all of the Beachbody fitness programs and nutrition plans as well as my own personal history to draw from.  Between the community, my team of coaches, and myself, we can help to keep you on track and motivated in order to meet your goals.  We are a family and joining my team means joining our family!


There is no initial cost to join and you will instantly be part of the Lean & Fit team!

“I already have a coach, can I switch to you?”:

If for any reason you would like to change coaches to me, it’s fast and easy. If you already have an active coach who helps you, then please contact them for help.

Please make me your coach BEFORE ordering your new program. 

I promise to be an active and helpful coach and you will have instant access to my online monthly workout group on Facebook.  My goal is to get you the best results possible!

  • You would need to request a change of coaches if you have ever ordered a Beachbody product previously or ever signed up for the Beachbody website.

Need to switch coaches to me? Click HERE

If You Are Interested in Being a Coach:

Visit my COACH PAGE to get more information.


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