What Does It Cost To Be a Beachbody Coach?

Today we will talk about the money side of coaching. It was hard to find all this information in one place for reference when I started, so I’m putting it here for my own coaches to reference.

There are a few very different options for being a coach. Here they are:

OPTION ONE – I want the Shake discount! (most popular)
The cost is a one-time $39.95 to sign-up fee, and then $15.95 per month after that. That’s it. No other strings attached. The discount you receive on Shakeology saves you about $30 a month.

OPTION TWO – I want the Shake discount + I want to help people!
You want to use the Beachbody Coaching Program to build a business and a support team. In this case, there is the same one-time $39.95 sign-up fee, then $15.95 per month after that. You can immediately start earning 25% commission checks when you sell ANY Beachbody products without any other costs to you at this point.

OPTION THREE – I want the Shake discount + I want to help people + I want to workout!
The $39.95 sign-up fee mentioned above is completely waived if you or your customers purchase a Challenge Pack during the coach sign-up process. The price of each challenge pack varies ($160-350) depending on what workout(s) or nutrition program you/they choose.

Signing up with a challenge pack is a great option because it will give you everything you need to start your new business and get yourself fit too:

  • a new program to get you motivated and start a Challenge Group with
  • 30 days of Shakeology
  • 30 days free enrollment in the Club membership
  • online access of your workout
  • and discounted shipping.

As I mentioned, the $39.95 sign-up fee will be waived with your Challenge Pack purchase.  Your coach fee will be $15.95 per month after that. Like Option Two, you will actively be helping customers and growing your business which will eventually lead you to want to be an EMERALD COACH.  Once Emerald, additional fees may apply.



OPTION THREE + Beachbody FREE CUSTOMER LEAD PROGRAM.  You can qualify to receive free leads from Beachbody directly by doing these five things:

  1. Sign up as a coach using Option Two or Three above.
  2. Add on a Club Membership – $42.27 charged 4x a year
    (automatically added when you choose option Three. remember to cancel if this is unwanted.)
  3. Reach EMERALD status by having at least 2 coaches join and remain on your team each month (one on each leg).
  4. Purchase or sell at least 90PV (personal volume points) in products per month.
  5. By doing #4 your status as a coach will be listed as ACTIVE

Totally Optional!  There is no requirement to qualify for these free customer leads.  Lead qualification actions are optional but a great way to build your contact list with pre-qualified customers!  If this sounds like something you are interested in my team provides FREE TRAINING to help you sign your first coach and build your business so you qualify.


The monthly $15.95 fee mentioned in the options above gives you access to the Beachbody Coach “Back Office”. Here you will find a ton of self-guided training options, marketing materials for you to use, Challenge Group guides and an email program for promoting your business and keeping track of customers.


Once you join the Beachbody Coaching Program, you are listed as INACTIVE. This is because your account is brand new and you still haven’t made any sales. You achieve ACTIVE status once you’ve earned a minimum of 50PV (personal volume) points within the last 35 days.

Each item that Beachbody sells is assigned a point value according to the purchase price. The more expensive an item is, the higher the number. 50PV is roughly equivalent to $55.

Your Personal Volume points include your own purchases as well as the purchases made by customers through your affiliate links or website.

If you purchase a Challenge Pack during the coach sign-up process your account will automatically be considered ACTIVE as soon as the system updates (every Thursday morning) because you bought something worth PV points.

At one time I was falsely under the impression that you HAD to purchase at least $55 worth of products from Beachbody every month to qualify as a coach and earn money. This is not true. Having personal volume (PV) points is what qualifies you for free Beachbody leads, nothing else.

Once you advance up the ranks as a coach your PV requirement will go up to 90.  We can chat more about that later…

Be Proof the Products Work – And easily hit ACTIVE status

So you can imagine that if you plan on building a successful Beachbody business you should probably be using the products right? Right! So really, it’s not that hard to stay listed as an ACTIVE coach. Just drinking Shakeology is enough to do that…a home direct order of Shakeology gives you 90PV every month right on schedule. Plus, you should be offering Shakeology samples to clients and potential coaches too.

Both my husband and I are coaches, and between our own personal supply of Shakeology, Shakeology samples, the workout programs we love, Ultimate Reset supplements, equipment, etc. there is PLENTY enough to keep us both at ACTIVE status!! That’s the great thing about this business…we are buying products that we WANT to use, WANT to share with others, and improve our life at the same time…both physically AND financially.

It’s YOUR Business…So Do What You Want!

Here’s the thing, you can simply use your Beachbody Coaching Business just like any other type of affiliate program. Beachbody gives you 25% of every sale you refer (minus shipping and handling). You don’t have to start building a team right away if that seems too overwhelming. However, building a team is the best way to exponentially increase your revenue using the coaching program. But it’s certainly not anything you’re required to do if it’s just not your thing.

If your plan is to do more than just affiliate marketing with Beachbody’s Coaching Program your first order of business will be to become an EMERALD COACH (see inset box above). In order for this to happen, you need to personally invite at least two people to become ACTIVE coaches and join your team. Once you become an Emerald Coach and have 90PV per month you are eligible to qualify for Beachbody’s Customer Lead Program (details listed above). In a nutshell, Beachbody gives you clients!

Additional costs to consider

Once you get going you might want to consider some additional tools which would benefit your business. Things like product samples, a website, etc.

Beachbody offers all their coaches an area within their online “office” where they can order things like business cards, promo DVDs, brochures, t-shirts, etc. You can purchase these items, however, I think it’s important to keep in mind that YOU are the brand you’re building…not Beachbody. If this all seems a little confusing don’t worry, my team has training on how all this works!

One thing you’ll definitely want to consider is establishing your own personal website or blog. Yes, Beachbody provides you with your own “store” but how are people going to find it? Google isn’t going to magically send them there! You also need to distinguish yourself from all the other Beachbody coaches out there. The best way to do that is with a blog or website that highlights your unique story and personal experiences on a regular basis. And yes, I can help you with that!

This isn’t something you have to get going as soon as you join (in fact I advise against it) but is definitely something you may consider adding once you understand the ins and outs of the business.

Final Words

Just like anything else in life, you will get out of Beachbody’s Coaching Program whatever you put into it. You’ve probably heard the expression, “You need to spend money to make money” and Beachbody’s Coaching Program is no exception to the rule!

If you wanted to open your own brick and mortar business or a traditional business franchise, you would need to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars even before seeing a profit. Here you have the opportunity to earn a full-time income (and then some) representing the most popular health and fitness products made on the planet for less than $100 a month. I think that’s a pretty sweet deal!!

If you’re interested in joining my team you can use the banner below to get started today but I would love to talk to you first just to make we’re both on the same page. I’m very careful about who I share this business with! Please contact me so I can learn more about your goals and if I think you would be a good fit for my team.

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