Jen Dery on Fitness: My Bio

A Bio I wrote for my photography blog that i figured would be good to post here also.  Gives you a little insight into me as your Beachbody Coach:

So if you read my blog you all know I love photography, travel, San Diego and my boyfriend, but what you may not know is that I have another passion which takes up a fair amount of my time as well. You see, I’m what you might call a bit of a fitness nut, and I really love sharing that excitement with others. When I’m not taking photos, seeing the world, or dancing you can probably find me spending my time working as a fitness and nutrition coach with Beachbody (

lockersJenI got into coaching because I really love helping people. I love what I do and I’ve learned so much, why not share that with people? Beachbody just happens to be the company I’ve had the most success with, which is why I personally align myself with them. The quality of their products and the research they put into them is incredible. As picky as I am, I trust what they tell me to do for fitness and nutrition and I love being able to pass those tips on to others.

I think the greatest joy I get out of helping clients with their fitness and nutrition is watching them realize they are capable of so much more than they ever knew possible. Their will is stronger than they ever knew and they get to buy new jeans! I love being a part of that moment, and seeing transformations take off from there.

When it comes to nutrition, we, as a society, have so many ideas, hang-ups, rules and phobias when it comes to our own health. So much of what people believe to be true about nutrition is false. Those labels that convince us they are “natural, healthy, heat-smart, etc… can be very misleading. It’s exciting to be able to re-educate people, and to watch as their knowledge base grows. I also get a kick out of being able to put my psychology degree to work as I try to help them navigate past their own walls and misconceptions about themselves. For example; many women feel they need to starve themselves and are blown away when I tell them the reason they haven’t lost weight could be they are eating too little.

Coaching people is a great part of what I do for a living, but I always feel the need to point out that I am not a doctor. I’m not a trainer or a registered dietician either. What I am is a friend and cheerleader who has been there and done that. Most Beachbody fitness programs you are considering, I have likely been through myself more than once. The same goes for the nutrition programs you may be looking at; trust me, I have tested so many and have the added insight of dealing with thyroid issues. I like being able to give people insight into what has worked for me, and what I have seen work for others. There are times when I’ll direct people to their doctors for questions, but most of the time they just need to be supported, have a safe place to ask questions, and to feel like they aren’t doing it all alone. The majority of my clients are women who want to lose a few pounds and feel stronger, but who aren’t great about making time for themselves. My role is to help them find that time, and to remind them that they are worth it.


dance class with my teacher’s cute pups peeking through

For my own personal fitness, I love swing dancing for my cardio (and fun). There is nothing better than finding that perfect lead-follow balance to the perfect song. It is magical and very “Zen” for me. I can’t dance and worry about anything, I can’t think about my to-do list or what chores are waiting at home. I have to stay present to the moment, the rhythm, the lead. And although swing dancing will probably always be a favorite activity, on the complete opposite end of that spectrum I also really like weight training. The heavier the better. I like being able to test my body and see how far I can go. I appreciate feeling strong and healthy, and the stronger I get, the better I am at EVERYTHING else I do in my life.

I get so much from it that even if I didn’t work as a coach, I would still be sharing this with others. Bridal Bootcamp anyone? If you can find the will-power, I can help! – Team Lean and Fit

Love to hear your thoughts!