“I weigh more but my clothes still fit…”

You are Building Muscle and losing Fat!

I had the best post ever today in one of my Facebook challenge groups. A friend I’ve known for a while and a typical “skinny girl” just like I used to be. By typical I mean small in size, but a bit squishy in the middle and not much in the way of muscle tone. We looked good in clothes, but WE knew we weren’t in shape. I’ve added a screen capture of the post below. But here is my favorite part:

Push Phase with Chalean X today – this is going to kick my butt! I don’t even begin how to comprehend how I’ve GAINED five pounds in the four weeks since starting the program but what the hey, I’m stronger! And I know I’m not getting any bigger since I tried on my wedding dress today – hadn’t tried it on since August – and it fits JUST the same. How in that even possible? Up in weight but not getting any bigger size-wise?

Logically it makes no sense. I’m up about seven pounds from where I was in August but I’m in better shape, I feel better, and my dress fits JUST THE SAME.”


Muscles are smaller and denser (weigh more) than fat… its not what you weigh, but how much room you take up!

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