How to survive Valentine’s Day

How to survive Valentine’s Day – while preserving your wallet & your waistline!

Hint: stay away from roses & cupcakes!!

The biggest hallmark holiday of them all is here… feeling the pressure yet???  Have you found that special something for your special someone?  Time to get creative people!  Going out to dinner, roses & chocolates are sooooooo overrated… especially ON the 14th itself.

Here are a few tips to help you not fall into the commercial trap but still celebrate your loviness:

  • CHANGE DAYS: Why not celebrate on a different day if going to dinner is what you want? This year the 14th is on a Friday… me and the BF?  We are going to dinner on Sunday.  No jacked up prices or limited menus for us!
  • NO ROSES: Buy flowers that are NOT roses or holiday related. It is getting close to spring!  The most beautiful flowers are right at your fingertips.  Just ask a florist for help.  My personal favorites?  Flowers that come from a “bulb”:  tuberroses, peonies, tulips!  All three mixed even, but just all of one kind is stunning too.
    Screen Shot 2014-02-13 at 9.41.36 AM
  • FOOD GIFTS: Refer also to my treat-chart below.  If you must buy the crappy holiday foods, at least pick ones that are nicer on the waistline.Screen Shot 2014-02-13 at 9.47.50 AM My favorite?  Find the best French Macaron you can, and purchase the smallest box.
  • COOKING AT HOME: The healthiest choice?  Cook for your love.  Show them how much you care by taking care of their health and yours.  One of may favorite cookbooks right now is from Rick Bayless, his “everyday” cooking is nothing short of amazing!

By changing your focus just slightly you can still wow your love but avoid the holiday commercial trap.

Beachbody just released a Valentine’s Day treats chart comparing your favorite gifts and splurges.  Choose wisely grasshopper!


How many calories are in your favorite valentine’s day foods?


Love to hear your thoughts!