How to not blow your diet during the holidays

If you are like me you love the holidays and all the yummy indulgences that come with it.

If you have been putting the effort into a workout and diet regimen such as p90x or in my case Les Mills Pump, the last thing you want to do it blow all your hard work on a few holiday splurges.  Over the years I’ve devised this plan to help fight back the holiday bulge.  Some of this I’ve read elsewhere, some is just common sense.  I’m always adding to the list, so feedback is welcome!

Jen’s tips for enjoying the holidays while maintaining your weight.  Don’t blow all your hard work:

1. PLAN quick and easy meals for the week and always have enough lean protein and veggies prepared for emergency situations. Think “grab & go” vs. elaborate cooking.

2. SCHEDULE your workouts. You are hopefully already doing this, but if you are not it is even more crucial during the busy holidays to have a plan and stick to it. Get up early in the morning if you have to. You are more likely to make better choices throughout the day if you workout early.

3. EAT BEFORE PARTIES. Yes, I know I dinner party might be more fun to go to hungry, but trust me. Eat a large clean salad full of veggies with a big hit of lean protein before walking out the door. You can still taste everything at your party but you will be so much less likely to splurge or over eat.

4. MOVE away from the snack table or buffet. Make yourself a plate, taste what you want, but do not stand there chatting and grazing. Remember to try items you can’t readily make yourself. You can always get crackers or bread.. you may not always have access to Aunt Susan’s fancy green beans.  Don’t blow your diet just because of proximity.

5. Drink WATER. With the heat on in the house and possibly more alcohol than usual don’t forget your water! If you drink at social events try to select wine or light beer vs. sugary and heavy mixed drinks. Drink a bottle of WATER between each cocktail.

6.  BRING your own healthy snacks.  If you know the buffet table is going to be hopeless, don’t hesitate to bring healthy food to share.  Nearly any host/hostess would be thrilled to have the extra help and you would be surprised how many guests will gravitate toward your healthier options over chips and more chips.

Have more tips??? I’d love to hear them!

3 thoughts on “How to not blow your diet during the holidays”

  1. Thank you for the great tips. As much as I love the holidays and all the wonderful food, it’s such a bummer when you regret it all in a couple weeks. I love the eating before the party idea. Have a great holiday season!

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