How to Improve Your Diet for Free: Top 10 Tips

How to Improve Your Diet for Free: Top 10 Tips

I could write a novel on this.  And bottom line is it does take work to get and stay healthy.  But here are my top ten tips for improving your diet.  Tackle them one at a time (recommended), or all at once… whichever way is more likely to become a habit for you and stick around.

  1. Ditch the soda.  Yes, even diet.  Its all chemicals and just plain bad for you.
  2. Stop eating dessert everyday. Donuts, coffee cake and pop tarts also count.
  3. Stop putting stuff in your coffee.  Slowly wean yourself to black.  Buying better quality coffee will help with this one.
  4. Start reading food labels.  Try to keep under 10g of fat & 10g of sugar per serving.
  5. Keep reading food labels.  Ditch the chemicals in the ingredient list.
  6. Eat breakfast, preferably protein.  My choice is eggs. but even chicken is fine.
  7. Eat more green leafy things and put less fat on them.
  8. Stop serving yourself seconds.
  9. Cook from scratch more.
  10. Learn to count calories and use a scale that measures in grams.

Email me to get more info an any one of these topics.  I promise, start implementing these tips into your life and you will see big changes over time.  I recommend adding a new one every other week.  And as always if you need something more structured, there are always our family of Beachbody Fitness Challenges to choose from!


Love to hear your thoughts!