How to Figure out your P90X3 Nutrition Guide

How to Figure out your P90X3 Nutrition Guide

In response to requests I’ve received from my Facebook Challenge Group, this post is to help clarify questions in the P90X3 Nutrition Guide.  Hope it helps!


There is NO WAY to out-exercise a bad diet.

So with this in mind, lets clean up our menu a little.  Game?    You don’t have to be perfect, just make some better choices.  Those good choices will compound over time!

This is a summary of the diet guide sections:

This chapter contains a note from Tony Horton, a simple start plan.  A few notes about nutrition and few comments on what in new with p90x3

This section covers water & hydration, add-ins to make water tastier and covers when to eat.  There are also sections on when to eat, vices & cheats, organic food and supplements.

This section contains 3 steps:  1.  How much to eat.  2.  how to measure food  3. what to eat
Part 3 is where all the macro-nutrients, mixing & matching and food philosophy is discussed.  Don’t miss this chapter!!

Brings all the chapters together and summarizes what to do.  Lots of tips on making your food tasty and interesting with tips on seasonings, prep & cooking.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, you are going to have to get the program to get the full nutrition guide details.  But I can tell you this:  the plan is based on eating real, unprocessed food.  Eat a lot of colors and variety.  If your plate is all white & brown, you aren’t doing so well.  Don’t eat too much of any one thing.  Listen to your body and try and translate cravings into nutritional needs.  For example, craving a bad for you hamburger burger may mean you need iron or protein.  Give your body what it actually needs and cravings start to become healthier.  Learn to recognize hidden processed foods in your diet, do your best to eliminate them.

Love to hear your thoughts!