How to figure out your Focus T-25 diet plan

This post is mostly being written for my Challenge group members, but if you are getting ready to start Focus T-25 it might be helpful to you too!

Your First Step…

So you are sitting around on Facebook and you keep seeing all these ads and hoopla about Focus T-25 workout. You Decide, hey… 25 minutes, 5 days a week? I can do that! So you buy your Challenge pack from your coach, you join you coach’s Challenge group on Facebook and you are excited to get started.

About a week later your box from beachbody arrives on your doorstep. What do you do?
1. open it and read every little item included.. memorizing every detail?
2. leave the box on the floor somewhere.. no worries, the challenge doesn’t start for a few days or,
3. pull the DVDs out, discard the rest of all the “advertisements” in the box?

Well, unfortunately most people vary people between choices 2 & 3. But wait people! Your box contains a wealth of information on how to make this program work for you! There are guides for the workouts and guides for the nutrition. USE THEM!

Today, lets start to take a look at the nutrition.

Pull out your nifty “Get it Done” Nutrition booklet. It looks like this:

t25nutrition guide help
Start reading keeping in mind you need to formulate a plan for DOING just what you are reading.

Page 6: How many calories should you have?
If your only form of activity will be this workout, you should plan to stick to the guideline on page 6. If however you are maintaining a lot of muscle on your body &/or adding in additional workouts (especially muscle building activities) you should probably be eating more calories than this guide quotes. You will have to find out how many more with a little experimentation. Ask your Beachbody coach or myself for personal help. Running around with your kids or a physical job doesn’t count unless you do something extremely physical, like stack bricks for a living.

Page 7: Suggested Calories per meal
Notice you have FIVE meals listed…. do not ignore this. You need to eat ALL THE TIME. Seriously, the day you forget to eat will very likely be the day you “accidentally” go through the drive-through or “accidentally” order a pizza. Make a plan before you are hungry to make the meals happen regularly. Don’t forget to count your BEVERAGES in your daily calorie allotment.

Page 8: Protein vs Carbs
Decide which is better for you, higher carbs or higher protein. Only you will know the right path. Again, this may take some experimentation &/or help from your coach.

Page 9: Troubleshooting your eating habits
Cravy all day? No energy for your workout? Starving before bed? This page will help you find a solution to these common problems.

Page 12: Keep it REAL foods
Here is a visual list of some go-to foods that are always ok in your diet plan. If you follow nothing else in this guide, at least grab these items when at the grocery store and make up your own low-fat recipes.

Page 15: Flavor Boosters & Organic Eating
Feeling like you need to add a little kick to these recipes? here is a list of ways to turn up the volume!
Don’t forget, whenever you can reach for Organic ingredients. Why put nasty chemicals in your body that you are working so hard to improve?

Page 16-79: Recipes!
Find recipes that sound good to you that will work for the next week or two. Make a shopping list and go get your ingredients. Cook ahead, prepare snacks and ORGANIZE yourself for success for the week to come. You now schedule your workouts ahead, do the same with your nutrition. Don’t leave feeding yourself off your calendar!

Shakeology is part of your new nutrition program. Use it as a meal replacement (add more stuff to it) or a snack (just mix with water). Recipes and more discussion coming soon! Check the Beachbody site for now for recipe ideas. I typically crave chocolate everyday about 3pm…. this is when I have a chocolate Shakeology snack to kill my cravings!

Family Objections
This is a BIG one, especially for women with children and picky spouses. Remember, people don’t like change. It is hard and uncomfortable. Most times when change is introduced it will be met with resistance. Don’t be deterred! Eat what you need to eat, get your results, and don’t let anyone stop you!

Page 80: Maintenance
When your 70 days are done (10 weeks for Alpha + Beta) remember your journey isn’t over. start thinking about 2 weeks before you are done about what you want to do NEXT. This is the fun part! You get to try something new and fun. You don’t ever have to do the same workout for ever. Mix it up, challenge yourself. The logical next step after T25 is to try the GAMMA T25 stage. You can order that HERE. Or talk to me about other Beachbody programs you might enjoy.

Page 81: Coaching
Check in later after you get going with your program. If you become a bit obsessed and keep trying to get your friends involved in your new lifestyle you may be the perfect person to BE A COACH. More on this later. Its not for everyone, but you will know if it is right for you pretty soon. If interested, contact me or your current coach.

Back Cover
Take your before and after photos and get your FREE T-shirt upon completion!  I so plan to get this!!


Love to hear your thoughts!