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There are many reasons to become a coach, helping others, make some money, be your own boss.  Everyone has a different reason and Beachbody can help you accomplish them.


I became a Beachbody coach for a few reasons.  First, I LOVED THE PRODUCTS.  I have tried numerous workout programs and got great results,  and I still use them now.   I drink Shakeology daily and can’t believe how much better I feel… AND my hair, skin and nails are so much better than ever before! Signing up as a coach offers me a product discount.

I also became a coach to KEEP MYSELF ACCOUNTABLE.  You know how hard it is to stick to your workout & nutrition routine all by yourself.  Imagine having hundreds of supporters in your Challenge Groups that help keep YOU accountable as you help them with the same.  People post in your private Facebook Challenge Groups daily about their triumphs and struggles and you help and give them encouragement… then they do the same for you!

Finally, coaching allows me TO HELP PEOPLE.  Why live life in a vacuum?  Get outside of your bubble and help people with the same issues you also struggle with.  You will meet some amazing people, make some new friends and really CHANGE PEOPLES’ LIVES! Those little tips and tricks you have learned to stay healthy and fit, don’t keep those a secret, share them!  Pay it forward! … and then get PAID!

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