Have you started a new diet and workout but you’re not losing weight?

Have you started a new diet and workout program but you’re not losing weight?  How long have you been doing your program?  1 week? 2 weeks? Longer?

If this is you, then I’m so glad you are reading this.  You are at a unique point in your journey and I would really like to help you.  Why?  Because right now is when most people quit.  Making these lifestyle changes is hard and inconvenient at first.  We are programmed to receive near INSTANT feedback/rewards in everything we do these days, so why would this be different right?  You expect to see results in those first few weeks!  You worked hard, you deserve it…. right!?

Well, actually, no.  That is not how this works.

When you start a new program a lot is happening that you aren’t aware of.  You might retain water because of using your muscles.  You might gain muscle.  Muscle weighs more than fat.  And your body might be in shock from the dramatic lifestyle change and be holding on to every ounce it can.

Sorry, instant results are a myth.

If you know you are following your nutrition and workout plans AS DIRECTED and you haven’t been cheating then take heart.  Your program is working but you have to be patient.  Toss your scale and start counting your NON-SCALE VICTORIES instead!

nonscalevictoriesOne thing not mentioned in this cute little meme?  Your SIZE.  Did you take measurements when you started?  If not, get off your phone/computer and go do your measurements now.  Measure every 4-6 weeks and compare notes.  Even if the weight change is negligible on your scale, your measurements should show a different story.

Now.. if you only have <5 lbs to lose. (And especially if you are female.)  Well, sorry, this article isn’t for you.  If you figure out a good way to not starve yourself and lose those last few lbs, and KEEP them off, please let me know.  I’ve decided those last 5 are just pure vanity pounds and the reason my body has settled where it is is that is where I’m supposed to be.  I’m done obsessing over it.  Time for acceptance!

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Love to hear your thoughts!