Getting Fit after Pregnancy

How to get back in shape after baby?

jen22wksWell, with my first baby on the way, you can imagine I’m already thinking about getting my butt back in shape after she arrives.  Its such a crazy fight in my head every time I see the scale go up, up up!  Half of me knows this is natural & normal (that side always wins) but the other half of me is screaming about the weight gain I’ve worked so hard to keep at bay over the years.  Ever feel like you need volume control for you brain?

So here I am, getting all proactive and starting a New Mamas Challenge Group about 4 months too early.

Why so early?  It’s not like I can diet right now, so why bother?  I’ll tell you why.  Since I start and lead a new challenge group just about every month (full list of those HERE) I know the power of group support.  Just knowing that I’m going to have to lead and be accountable to a group of determined new moms already has me making better choices for my health throughout the day.  Having yogurt instead of chips.  PiYO or walking instead of sitting.  It all adds up over time!

So if you (or someone you know) are due with a baby anytime January 2015 or and want to join us you are formally invited!  (seasoned Mamas are welcome too) We totally want you if you have good energy and are willing to put in a little work.  You’ll have just carried a baby for 40 weeks, so by then work should feel like nothing to you, right?!!

The New Mamas Challenge Group will work like this:

  1. Register with Beachbody so I am officially your coach (FREE/no obligation)
  2. Ask to join our group on Facebook.
  3. Later, when I message you about the program & nutrition, make sure you respond to me.
  4. As a group we will decide our program & start date.
  5. Complete your Program order (from the link I will provide you) and you are ready to go!
  6. Once we start, you do your workout, follow your diet & CHECK-IN with the group daily.
  7. Modifications will be noted for breast-feeding & c-sections

Love to hear your thoughts!