“Get Ready For Summer” Workout & Nutrition Plan

My Perfect “Get Ready For Summer” Workout & Nutrition Plan

Recently I’ve completed a number of new programs from Beachbody: T25, P90x3 & 21 Day Fix.  I always follow the nutrition guides and make sure I do the workouts in the order and frequency they are prescribed.  With the exception of a splurge day once in a while I’m pretty good at following programs as written.  I find that it is so much easier to do as I’m told in this department vs re-invent the wheel.  I have so much to do running my 3 businesses that I really don’t have time to micromanage my health and invent workouts I’m only guessing at.

Well here we are, and its Spring already!!!!  And guess what, my life just got busier than ever!  Yet my goal, to be bikini ready by Summer, (seriously, isn’t this every woman’s goal?) is still on my to-do list.  With less time I need an even MORE streamlined plan than ever before.

When life gets crazy so many people put their health on hold.  Heck, I’ve done it before too.  When you are stressed and out of time the first thing to go is ME time.  But NOT THIS YEAR.  This year, I come first.  Everyone else can just wait….. 25 minutes.

My simple 4-PART plan for getting bikini ready by June 21st:

  1. 21-Day Fix meal plan.  If the food fits in the containers, I can eat it.  Doesn’t get any simpler! Tick off my containers for the day and I’m done eating.
  2. Focus T25 workouts.  60 days of 25 minute workouts. Saturdays & Sundays off.  Who doesn’t have 25 minutes for 5 days a week?  I have had the best results of any program with T25 and a solid diet.  I’m hoping to repeat my success with round 2.
  3. Food delivery.  Did you know you can have your groceries delivered?  I have no time for shopping right now and this is what I’m going to outsource.  My farmers market box & other groceries will be filled via delivery.  I will still have to chop & prep one day a week for meals however.
  4. Drink my Shakeology daily.  Its no joke, there is a reason I’ve been drinking this daily for the last 2 years.  I just feel way better with it than without it.  My skin, hair and bathroom scale likes it too.

Does this plan sound like a good fit for you too?

Well, I’m looking for accountability partners!  If you can follow directions and just DO IT for 60 days I want you in my group.  Its all on Facebook, you don’t have to drive anywhere!

EMAIL ME to see how to join.  You can start anytime and I’ll help you, but to join me in my own bikini-ready program you will need to order within the next week to start on time.



Love to hear your thoughts!