Focus T25 Beta or Alpha Circuit for bad knees

Forget low impact… that isn’t the problem.  You can run, jump, whatever.  But twisting movements??  Yeah, no.  Twisting is a problem.

Maybe you are a runner, perhaps you’ve done Les Mills Pump?  Or any number of workouts that keep you facing in one direction?  Your knees are sensitive, but you are fine with impact.  You can run, jump, walk.  So why is T25 hurting your knees?

Well…. two answers for you.  Perhaps it is poor form on squats and lunges and/or maybe it is all that “twisting” movement included in the Focus T25 workouts.

My knees have been “sensitive” since I messed them up running years ago.  I can run about 3 miles after that they really start to hurt.  Are you the same?

In the last few years I’ve been doing Beachbody workouts.  Most of the programs contain a ton of lunges and squats.  T25 adds the addition of TWISTING lunges and squats.  You know what? TWISTING HURTS MY KNEES!!

Take out the twists!

Here are two tips that will help you immensely with T25 or any other Beachbody program if your normally impact-sturdy knees can’t take Focus T25:

FORM.  When you squat or lunge, are you really keeping your knees over your ankles?  Really?  Are you balanced on your heels?  Can you lift your toes?  Do you feel like you are pushing your butt back to meet the wall behind you?

When you do wide-leg (or sumo) squats, do you pull your knees in before you rise?  No knock-knees allowed! Again, are your knees over your foot?  Or your heel/ankle? They should be over your heel/ankle so you can see your shoe laces.


TWISTING.  Take out the twists!  I know T25 is designed to make you twist your core as much as possible.  BUT… if twisting hurts your knees you will eventually fail.  So what to do?  Take the twists out!!!  Instead of side to side lunges, do front to back… twist your upper body in a very tight and controlled way while holding the squat.  Instead of side-to-side traveling squats, just squat in place.  There are other, equally hard movements you can substitute when twisting is involved.

SUBSTITUTIONS.  Don’t know what to do instead?  Consider the movement being asked of you, listen to Shaun T.  What body part(s) is he asking you to work on?  Think of how you can do this movement front to back yet still include something that works your core or other muscles like he is asking.

You can do this.  You know your body.  Now FOCUS!!!

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1 thought on “Focus T25 Beta or Alpha Circuit for bad knees”

  1. I have knee problems from doing Insanity and a week into focus t25, I started to feel pain. I knew it was the twisting! gaaah. Going to take that out and do normal lunges.

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