Failing Through Fall Fitness Again?

Do you gain 5-10lbs of holiday weight each year?

What if you could enjoy your holidays but never gain the weight?
What if you could lose a few pounds before January 1st?

Oh, but that is no FUN you say!  What about all the parties, cookies, edible gifts and travel treats?  Baking cookies with the kids? Well, I say you can have your cake and eat some of it too.  How?  You just can’t have ALL of your cake, all of the time AND you have to keep your butt MOVING.

More important than anything is you need a plan.

You need a solid nutrition and workout plan that has some research put behind its success and offers a schedule you can follow without a lot of thought on your part.  Day by day, you can check your workout off the calendar.  Each day moving a little closer to your goal.  You just follow directions and put your brain-power into your holiday plans instead.


Having an accountability group is a good idea also!
I can help you with strategies for successful splurging over the holidays, how to make-up workouts and setting reasonable expectations in my private facebook challenge groups.

Most people are motivated by treats and deadlines.  Are you one of them?  What would be a good deadline for you?  Thanksgiving?  New Years Eve?  Could you imagine FINISHING your fitness challenge the same day other people are only starting theirs?  Wouldn’t it be awesome to announce your New Years Resolution was already nailed on or close to January 1st?

So what can you do with this time left in the year?
You can join one of my 90-day, 60-day, 21-Day or even a 3-Day program now!

All programs offer a 30-Day money back guarantee.
You have nothing to lose but some extra fat!

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How many days till January 1st, 2015?

Love to hear your thoughts!