Eat Real Food Not Almost Real Food

A friend of mine recently posted THIS VIDEO on Facebook.

The video makes fun of “Almost Pizza.”  I think it is a really funny skit.  Moreover it got me thinking about “real” food and how to convince people its worthwhile to eat it.  Real food takes longer to make, it doesn’t last as long and sometimes even costs a little more money (organic).  BUT real food is ALIVE, is good for you and forces you to get creative and think about what you are eating.  REAL FOOD doesn’t have an ingredient list because it IS an ingredient.  If you buy organic there are no chemicals, pesticides or weird ingredients added.  It is what it is.

Real food is grown (or raised) and harvested.  That’s it.   It is not mixed, added to or stabilized.  There are no additives and usually no fancy packaging.  Many real foods last only about a week in the refrigerator if you are lucky and take care of it.  A few last longer, but also tend to be higher in starch and sugar if they do.

Real Foods:

Simple cuts of meat: Chicken, Pork, Fish, etc.  VS nuggets, frozen dinners, hot dogs
Whole Fruits VS Fruit cups, fruit leather, bottled fruit or veggies juices
Whole Vegetables VS frozen “medleys” with sauces, canned veg or canned soup

There are of course healthy exceptions to the above rule.  No doubt.  But unless you know how to read an ingredient list and nutrition label the above advice will serve you well.  The only problem is you may need to learn to cook if you don’t already.  A small price to pay for your health in my opinion.

I put a challenge out on Facebook last week to eat less sugar.  I feel “EAT REAL FOOD” is in the same vein.  Want a 2013 resolution that is simple?  If all you do is eat less sugar and eat real food for 2013 you’ve taken a giant step in the right direction.



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