DAYS 4-7: Elimination Diet

Day 4-7 of the Elimination Diet

“Life is ten percent what you experience and ninety percent how you respond to it.”
― Dorothy M. Neddermeyer

Four days combined for this post.  I realized how BORING posting my diet every day was for me… must have been worse on the receiving end.  I’m liking this format a lot better.  A blog post ever 4-5 days or so.  This also gives me the opportunity to look back and comment on my experience.  Sticking to a diet is no joke…. its a hourly struggle to make a better choice.

(What am I talking about? Read my intro & DAY 1)

Chalean Extreme  – The Workout

Just wrapped the last “PUSH Phase” of Chalean Extreme on day 6… day 7 was a rest day.  I now have 4 more weeks to finish doing the “LEAN Phase.”  Pretty much 3-resistance workouts + 2-cardio per week.

  • Burn Intervals – Abs. low-weight, high rep intervals mixed with plyo moves.  Then Abs. 50min
  • Push Circuit 3 – HEAVY WEIGHTS. 30min / Last one of this circuit!
  • “Burn it off & Recharge” 30min.  Lots of jumping around and football drills… fast an effective.
  • rest day
BREAKFASTS + AM SNACKS   (GF = gluten Free)

Day 4: Kind bar, Egg White Salad, Cultured Coconut Milk (yogurt), GF granola
Day 5: 1 egg + 1 egg White, GF Bread
Day 6: 1 egg + 1 egg White, GF Bread, PB, Kind Bar
Day 7: 1 egg + 1 egg White, GF Bread zucchini, Olive Oil, 1/2c Tangerine Juice + Water + Shakeology


Day 4: Fresh Spring Rolls w/Tofu, Shakeology + banana extract + unsweetened Almond milk
Day 5: Chicken Breast, KIND Bar
Day 6: 1/2c Tangerine Juice + Water + Shakeology, Chicken Breast, Miso Dressing, Spinach Salad, Cherries
Day 7: Chicken Breast, Artichoke, Padron Peppers, Olive oil, 1t Lemonaise, GF Bread, PB, KIND Bar


Having emergency food stashed in my car really helped!  Those Pistachios saved my ass on day 4 as I was out in my car running to meetings from 2pm-10pm… Even with the fat, so much better than stopping at the drive through! Day 7 fail – snacked through dinner instead of cooking.

Day 4: Pistachio nuts, chicken breast, KIND bar (got home after 10pm, dinner was snacky!)

Day 5: Sushi Rolls, 1/2c Miso Soup, Cucumber Salad, Almonds, 1oz dark chocolate


Day 6: Pork Chop, Brown rice, Asparagus, 1T bbq Sauce, 2oz Dark Chocolate
Day 7: Cultured Coconut Milk, Raspberries, GF Granola, Smoked Trout, Rice Crackers, 1oz Dark chocolate. 1T creamer + iced coffee


GLUTEN:  I am eating too many KIND Bars.  Not going to buy anymore.  I’m going to have to find some other Gluten-free snack that works on the go.  I’m not happy the the GF Bread has nearly double the calories & fat as my whole-grain bread and I love it with my eggs in the morning or a quick 1/2 PB Sandwich on the run.  I may drop this GF experiment because by taking it out of my diet a lot of the lower-calorie foods I would normally eat become off-limits and I’m adding in higher-calorie substitutes.  The only reason to take it out is to find out if I’m Gluten intolerant, but I don’t think I am… Maybe one more week if I can find a good GF carby-snack.  Any ideas?

DAIRY:  Now eliminating dairy is another story.  I slipped up Sunday and put about a tablespoon of creamer in my coffee.  Now it is possible something else I ate bothered me…. but I did not feel great for about 7 hours after.

The MIDDLE line of the chart below shows my Ideal allotment for the day.  the top line is what a decent day looks like.  Numbers posted after this chart is what really happened…..

Day 4:  1351 cal – 70g F, 73g P, 114g C  = FAIL for today… didn’t eat enough!
Day 5:  1391 cal – 52g F, 88g P, 166g C  = Still need to eat more, no energy at my workout
Day 6:  1934 cal – 80g F, 130g P, 176g C  = after two days of under eating, not surprised here.  Plus a Saturday.
Day 7:  1929 cal – 72g F, 83g P, 245g C  = FAIL again, WAY too much carbs…. weekends are tough!!

Please leave questions & suggestions below… I’m learning from this experiment as I go and your feedback is invaluable in making these posts useful to you.  If you want help creating a diet plan that works for you, I’m here to help!  Thanks! – Jen

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