Day 8-14 of the Elimination Diet

“Man is not worried by real problems so much as by his imagined anxieties about real problems”  ― Epictetus

Chalean Extreme  

Just started the final “LEAN Phase” of Chalean Extreme on day 8.  Only  3 more weeks to to go!

What will I do next?  I’m thinking another month of Chalean, hybrid with the Focus T-25 I’m dying to try out.  In fact, I have a whole new challenge group forming for that new workout in July.  Shaun T, the maker of the wildly popular Insanity program is behind this one.  Excited!  EMAIL ME if you want in too!

  • Lean Circuit 1 – Slightly less HEAVY WEIGHTS but now more reps and longer. 44min
  • Burn Intervals – Abs. low-weight, high rep intervals mixed with plyo moves.  Then Abs. 60min
  • Lean Circuit 2 – Slightly less HEAVY WEIGHTS but now more reps and longer. 39min
  • “Burn it off & Recharge” 30min.  Lots of jumping around and football drills… fast an effective.
  • Lean Circuit 3 – Slightly less HEAVY WEIGHTS but now more reps and longer. 39min
  • Also getting a bit more dancing in lately…. the swing kind that you need a partner for.  Like Lindy Hop, Balboa…. these workouts really help my turns!

Tuesday (day 9) marked the return of gluten to my diet.  I know… the goal was a month.  I’m not perfect.  Anyhow, I had removed it as an experiment to see if I was gluten sensitive.  I really didn’t have reason to think I was (nobody in my family is) but I figured it didn’t hurt to cut it out for a while.

The reason I added it back…. a lot of the gluten-free foods that fall in the “carb” category were not as healthy (sugar, fat, fiber) as my old stand-by crack bread I have nearly everyday for breakfast.  Carbs are back and I haven’t experienced any adverse effects from their return so far.  I will still try overall to include many other forms of carbs in my diet, not just wheat.  By day 11 I had so much more energy!  Happy dance!

Dairy is still out… and may stay mostly out.  My experience last week with the accidental cream in my coffee plus some of the research I’ve been doing about the dairy industry in general is making it less than appetizing to me at the moment.  I’ll do an experiment with greek yogurt after Vegas and see if anything happens.

Also, on the dairy front… I started looking at the ingredients of some of my favorite foods.  So much dairy & whey!  I found a new protein powder that is based on pea & hemp.  It tasted like crap, so I’m not recommending it.  It does however have 49g of protein.. wowza!

There are many days where I’ve hit all my nutrition goals for the day, except that my protein is low.  If I’m not hungry and don’t feel like (or have any) more “animal” protein, this is a great alternative.

Alcohol is still out for now.  Vegas is 4 days away, I think I’ll make it till then… but wow have weekends been hard to stick with it!  This recent weekend in particular with a lot of social obligations popping up that I am attending sans cocktail.  Oh well.  I get a Ginger ale or club soda and garnish it up into a mock-tail.  Fools me long enough to get over it.



Click on the link right at the top of this post to see my first post and see what my menu looks like.  After all this time, the food is just repeating itself.  No need to write it out on the blog multiple times.


No real change so far except from the dairy that I can see.  My weight is down slightly but it fluctuates anyway.  The real test will be at the end of this journey when I compare my before & after waist measurement.  Since I have put on a lot more muscle over the last year, the scale doesn’t really work for me anymore.

We all know muscle takes up less room than a pound of fat, but weighs the same.  So I could lose 5lbs of fat & gain 8 lbs of muscle, I would see the number on the scale go up… but actually be a SMALLER SIZE.  Its crazy I know. Measuring has instead become my gauge.


The MIDDLE line of the chart below shows my Ideal allotment for the day.  the top line is what a decent day looks like.  Numbers posted after this chart is what really happened…..

Please leave questions & suggestions below… I’m learning from this experiment as I go and your feedback is invaluable in making these posts useful to you.  If you want help creating a diet plan that works for you, I’m here to help!  Thanks! – Jen
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