DAY 2 : Lean and Fit Menu Plan – The Snacking Diet

“Anxiety is love’s greatest killer. It makes others feel as you might when a drowning man holds on to you. You want to save him, but you know he will strangle you with his panic.”
― Anaïs Nin

Random quote of the day.  You’re welcome.

Day Two of the Elimination Diet

I realized this morning my nutrient tracking numbers were off.  So I had to go back to my Nutrient Calculator and adjust them for my current plan which is 30-30-40.  The updated numbers are actually a bit more lenient as I used to only have my fat at 20%…. yay!

I have also noticed I rarely put everything on my plate at once like a “meal”.  Instead I graze through one item at a time.  So I suppose this could also be called Jen’s snacking diet.

In general, the no Dairy thing is no big deal, I weaned myself off cheese a long time ago… but I am having the HARDEST time not having my greek yogurt.  Please, somebody, tell me dairy in the form of yogurt can be an exception!


Figured my workout is just as important as my nutrition so here is what I will do today:
Chalean Extreme “Burn it off & Recharge” 30min.  Lots of jumping around and football drills… fast an effective.


I woke up HUNGRY!!  So I had the whole piece of bread with breakfast.  Skipped the avocado as I usually have zero trouble getting enough fat in my diet.

Low-cal eggs and gluten free toast for Breakfast!
Please don’t judge my egg cooking skills.


EPIC fail today for lunch.  I wasn’t very hungry when I left the house, but 3 hours later I was dieing!  It was all I could do to not eat the emergency jelly beans in my purse.  I finally got home, drank a GIANT bottle of water (to help fill me up) and ate lunch.  Unfortunately this pushes my workout to early evening as my blood sugar is still way too low to get it done anytime soon.  I have no energy and a bit of a headache.  And because my blood sugar got so low…my lunch choices are a bit cravvvvy = sugar!  Boo.

  • KIND Bar
  • Watermelon & Cherries
  • 4oz Chicken
  • 1oz Dark Chocolate
  • 514 calories
  • Padron Peppers + Olive oil
  • Chili-Lime Chicken Burger Patty
  • Asparagus Steamed + Lemon Juice
  • Eggplant Hummus + Rice Crackers
  • Diet Ginger Ale (replacing wine! Don’t judge)
  • 1/2 Apple + 12g Peanut Butter
  • 539 Calories

I never drink soda but too bad when I’m kicking my evening wine habit.
At least it is Diet Hansen’s and has a few less chemicals and salt in it.


chili-lime chicken burger with padron peppers and asparagus


Pretty happy with today.  Still need to be careful of the sugar and fat. I could have helped today if I had remembered to take a snack with me when I left the house today.  My calories are a little low today, but my fat is maxed out.  I might snack on some more veggies later if I get hungry… and I ordered some pea-hemp protein powder today too to help get my protein up.

Final totals:  1525 calories – 60g fat – 106g protein – 156g carbs





Please leave questions & suggestions below… I’m learning from this experiment as I go and your feedback is invaluable in making these posts useful to you.  Thanks! – Jen

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