Day 15-21 of the Elimination Diet

NEVER GIVE-UP: “So many people can be responsible for your Success.
but only you are responsible for your failure.” – Unknown

Chalean Extreme

I’m now halfway through the final 4 weeks of the  “LEAN Phase” of Chalean Extreme. Can I tell you how much I love this program?  I get to eat so much more because the added muscle I’ve gained (replaced my fat / no bulk!) which is worth doing the workouts alone.

What will I do next? I’m thinking another month of Chalean, hybrid with the Focus T-25 I’m dying to try out. In fact, I have a whole new challenge group forming for that new workout in July. Shaun T, the maker of the wildly popular Insanity program is behind this one. Excited! EMAIL ME if you want in too!

  • Lean Circuit 1 – Slightly less HEAVY WEIGHTS but now more reps and longer. 44min
  • Burn Intervals – Abs. low-weight, high rep intervals mixed with plyo moves. Then Abs. 60min
  • Lean Circuit 2 – Slightly less HEAVY WEIGHTS but now more reps and longer. 39min
  • “Burn it off & Recharge” 30min. Lots of jumping around and football drills… fast an effective.
  • Lean Circuit 3 – Slightly less HEAVY WEIGHTS but now more reps and longer. 39min
  • Also getting a bit more dancing in lately…. the swing kind that you need a partner for. Like Lindy Hop, Balboa…. these workouts really help my turns!


This week has been a little back to normal as far as the “Elimination” part of the diet is concerned.  I previously added gluten back in, with no adverse results.  In the last few days I’ve added a little dairy back in now and then to test it.  Sometimes it bothers me, sometimes it doesn’t.  I’m still going to reduce the amount of dairy I consume because I just feel better without it.  Greek yogurt seems to not give me any reactions, I may pretty much limit myself to that.


With a trip to Vegas, this weekend also saw the return of a little alcohol to my diet.  Nothing major… I’ve never been a large quantity drinker, but I do like my glass of wine with dinner.  There are some things we have to do if want a “perfect” body, such as eliminate alcohol, sugar, etc…. but honestly, I’m pretty comfortable with not being perfect.  Perfect doesn’t work for me, but almost perfect does.  That whole 80/20 rule?  Yeah… I’m pretty happy living that way with my diet.  Eating “perfect” 80% of the time, having fun and splurging 20% of the time.

Of course your mileage may differ.  And if you are just getting started in your fitness and nutrition journey I’m going to tell you a 90/10 rule may serve you better until you meet your major goals.


Two more weeks to go before the final measurement truth and the end of this current fitness program phase.  I’ll be posting again in two weeks with the wrap up, observations and tid-bits.  Although the Elimination foods are back, they are still reduced for sure.  My primary goal at this point is to stick to my nutritional numbers below and nail my workouts.  Happy, happy!


The MIDDLE line of the chart below shows my Ideal allotment for the day.
The top line is what a typical day may actually look like.

Please leave questions & suggestions below… I’m learning from this experiment as I go and your feedback is invaluable in making these posts useful to you. If you want help creating a diet plan that works for you, I’m here to help! Thanks! – Jen
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