DAY 1 : Lean and Fit Menu Plan : No Gluten, Dairy, Sugar, Alcohol

Two big things are happening for the month of June….

  1. Today I start the last 5 weeks of my ChaLEAN Extreme 90-day workout challenge.
  2. In 18 days I go to the Beach Body Summit Conference where I’ll be surrounded by thousands of geeky health-nuts like myself.

Needless to say I’m a bit intimidated about going to a health conference.  Couple that with working so hard at my fitness but not really seeing all the results I want and I’m in need of a little diet correction.

I have been working super hard at my program, eating clean, whole foods most of the time, and sticking to my workouts.  Overall I’ve just been working on my overall consistency but I haven’t pushed myself that extra little bit that it takes to really see a change.  I’m already at a fairly ideal weight but as you may know, those last 5-10 lbs can be excruciating to get rid of!!  That whole law of diminishing returns thing, bother! Since I have such a short time before Summit AND it is the time in my workout to start seeing results I decided today was the day I start a short “diet” in hopes of actually seeing all these muscles I supposedly have under here.

Having just read Gwyneth Paltrow’s cookbook which referred to Dr. Junger’s Elimination Diet I’ve decided to do a bit of a test on myself and see what happens. The nice thing about being generally fit and clean-eating is that little diet changes can have a BIG impact.  The premise of the Elimination diet is that there are many foods that cause people trouble, namely alcohol, refined sugar, dairy and gluten.  There is a list of other items as well (like eggs, corn & nightshade plants) but some things are not going to be eliminated 100% but rather just limited on my plan such as corn, dairy and sugar.  I’m very aware of what I eat and what I have problems with so some of the items on her list I will not be eliminating.  I think if I had no idea what might bother me I would be doing the elimination diet to the letter.

Following the concept of being better vs. perfect… I’m not going to worry about following this plan when I travel to Summit for those three days later this month.  This may sound like a cop-out, but this is the kind of deal I can make with myself so that I follow my plan yet get some sort of reward for doing so.  It is a “be good most of the time, get to splurge now-and-then” type life-style I lead and for the most part it works and I rarely feel deprived.

Here is what I have allowed to slide a little over the last year however….  My addiction to sugar.  Sugar in Alcohol, sugar in Dairy, sugar in everyday foods, some processed carbs sneaking in, etc..  It is time to reel these items in and see how I feel and look after a measurable period of time.  I am my own experiment.

My plan :

Alcohol free
Gluten free (to test it)
Less or no Dairy (to test it)
Less Sugar
1600-1800 calories daily (previously eating 2000-2200)
30% fat – 30% protein – 40% carbs


I had to go shopping this morning, being out of food, but I needed a snack to tide me over.  So half an avocado later I was on the road.  It was interesting to be going to the store and reading labels for gluten and dairy.  I’ve always watched added sugar, but now finding anything on a shelf (like bread) was near impossible.

I ended up with bread that is gluten-free but turns out it has some dairy and sugar in it… ok, not perfect but fine.   The bread has more calories than what I used to have (from more fat) so after today I’ll reduce to half a serving.  It is pretty tasty… a bit more like a toasted scone than the whole grain bread I’m used to.

Gluten-free bread on the left – My normal whole-grain bread on the right.
I could be wrong, but it seems to me the label reads better for my old bread. Lets see if the GF makes any difference.


I’m giving the no gluten thing 18 days…. I’m hoping I see NO difference and can go back to my previous bread that I LOVE and has a better looking label than this GF stuff.


Went out to lunch with a friend… always a minefield.  Jessie and I would usually end up having at least two margaritas on a normal day.  Today we ordered a lemon-grass lemonade instead.   I also asked that half of it be cut with soda water.  Still tasty and then my drink had bubbles!  What is worse, sugar wise?  Two margaritas or 1/2 a lemonade?   Maybe not the perfect choice, but still a step in the right direction.  Remember, “better vs perfect”.

  • Sea Bass, basil, rutabaga, brown rice & Thai curry sauce
  • 1/2 lemon-grass lemonade
  • 450 calories (estimated)

It is now 3:30pm and since I’m tracking everything I eat on my Sparkpeople App I know that I have this left for the day:

639-839 calories

That is pretty good for dinner and a small snack or two!  I definitely need some veggies at dinner, today is lacking in the veg department except for the shakeology.

  • 1oz Dark Chocolate
  • Eggplant Hummus + mixed raw veg
  • 3 oz O.J. + club soda
  • 208 calories
  • 6 oz Halibut
  • Zucchini
  • 1/4c Quinoa
  • 439 Calories

Pan seared Halibut, Quinoa and Zucchini.
Add a squeeze of lemon and this gluten-free, dairy-free dinner comes in about 439 calories!


Today I did pretty well.  Not perfect, but for Day 1 I’m very happy.

final totals:  1608 calories – 49g fat – 115g protein – 184g carbs


I’m not sure I’ll post everyday, still deciding there, I would love to hear your feedback on weather you think this is a good topic to post on daily?  Maybe Monday-Friday?


If YOU need help figuring out how to meet your diet and fitness goals shoot me an email!  I would love to share with you how Beachbody workouts and nutrition have changed my life!

6 thoughts on “DAY 1 : Lean and Fit Menu Plan : No Gluten, Dairy, Sugar, Alcohol”

  1. Great job Jen! I must say that reading this is very inspiring. As you know, I just got that new Gwenyth cookbook. I’m looking forward to preparing many of them. Your post is detailed and creates a great roadmap for others to follow. I love the food posting for both accountability for you and menu ideas for me. I know that I need to cut out alcohol to truly test myself. Reading about how you are navigating this may actually get me to raise my game in this area also.

Love to hear your thoughts!