Cheating and Destroying your Whole Diet…or not?

So many people I meet who are trying to start a new healthy lifestyle do this one thing that sets them back, sometimes makes them quit and otherwise feel like a failure.  Do you do this?

The thing they do?  When they “cheat” they feel so bad about it that they figure they might as well throw in the towel and that the whole day, days or week is a total loss.  Does this sound familiar?

When you cheat and go through the drive through or skip your workout that day, do you feel like you’ve destroyed all hope and you might as well quit now?  When you go on vacation and eat poorly and miss your workouts, do you feel  like you “quit” your program and the only option is to start over from scratch?

I don’t know about you, but if I had to mentally prepare for “starting over” every time I had a mishap I don’t think I ever would.  Starting over is so dramatic!  But then thinking that one hamburger or one missed workout has ruined your whole program is a bit dramatic too is it not?

Do you want to know the secret that keeps fit people fit?  It isn’t that they don’t cheat.  EVERYONE cheats!!!  Don’t believe anyone that says they are perfect 100% of the time.

The reason fit people stay that way is that they don’t let one cheat turn onto 2 or 3 or 4.  They don’t consider the concept of cheating as a failure.  They have built a mindset and routine that accommodates for cheating.

Change your thinking.

Here is a quick quiz:

You went out Friday night and really partied.  Big dinner, lots of drinks and a fat dessert.  Saturday morning you:
a. get up and continue with your fitness program like nothing happened
b. go out to breakfast and have mimosas to beat your hang over.  Then figure the day is shot and have a hang-over beer, burger and fries later on also.

Your co-worker brought in a her yummy cake and cut you a huge slice. You ate it all. You decide:
a. to have a healthy dinner and skip any more treats for the day
b. you decide the day is shot so you might as well order a pizza for dinner then have the other piece of cake you brought home with you.

You are going on week-long cruise with your family. All you can eat and drink! You decide to:
a. be really good the week before leaving.  Once there you take the stairs every where (no elevators), hit the gym a few times at least and although you will taste everything you plan not to finish anything except the big salad and lean protein you fill up on first. Drinks you limit to less sugary options (wine or a light beer vs a pina colada)
b. You go hog wild and throw all caution to the wind. You are on vacation after all! And once back from your cruise, eh, well, your tired to work out and still craving bad stuff so you give in and eat it.

What are you? An “A” or a “B”? If you didn’t figure it out by now…fit people are primarily making choice A.

Do you think you can change your all or nothing thinking?  Do you want help?  My Challenge Groups really help with changing the mindset that one (or even two) mishaps means the end.  You might even get to the point of PLANNING your splurges and treats into your routine!  Wouldn’t that be refreshing!


Love to hear your thoughts!