Looking for some friends to workout with?

Do you prefer to be able to work out at home at your convenience?  Well we’ve got the perfect solution for you!!  A Team Lean & Fit Challenge Group! Groups “meet” and discuss daily triumphs and questions via either a private Facebook group or a private message board.

Muscle Burns Fat Baby

How many inches off your waist can you lose in 90 days? If you are interested in seeing real, amazing results… keep reading and take this offer seriously. This is real fitness and a real, lifetime solution to your health and nutrition. I personally have lost 15 inches total using the MUSCLE BURNS FAT approach.

Starting every month, we will be starting a new MUSCLE BURNS FAT CHALLENGE GROUP!!

To see why you want to do the CHALLENGE GROUP – WATCH THIS VIDEO!!

There are four main program choices (P90X, Focus T25, Chalean Extreme, and Body Beast) and daily Shakeology meal replacement to help you nail nutrition. When you get the nutrition right and build/tone muscle, the fat runs from your body SCREAMING… and much faster than with cardio alone. I want to help build you into a fitness and fat burning machine. This approach that you will learn from me in 90 days is EXACTLY how.

-Chelean Extreme (Intermediate to Advanced resistance/cardio for those that do not want to workout as long as the P90X schedule requires… basically “P90X light”)
-P90X (Intermediate to Advanced high intensity resistance/cardio/yoga program – ultimate in muscle building/toning and fat burning)
-P90X2 (Advanced high intensity resistance/cardio/yoga program)
-Body Beast (Advanced muscle mass building program)

As an experienced health and fitness coach, and someone who knows how to start from out of shape and train all the way to being an endurance athlete.. I will provide the tools and knowledge that will help you get success and make changes you didn’t think were possible. My Challenge Groups have a very high success rate, and we are creating transformation stories all the time!! The bottom line is that I will help you meet and exceed your fitness and health goals. All you have to do is commit and work with me, and together, we will make your goals your realities.

As added incentives, you get the chance to win $1000 dollars daily by logging your workouts on the Beachbody Website and submitting your Before and After photos will put in the running for $100K grand prize.

I will be keeping my group of Challengers small, as I want to focus my attention and be available for those people. As a result, I will be limiting enrollment to each challenge group.

Contact me via Email or Faceboook. Otherwise you can place your order through these links.  Cost is the same to you, but these links sign ME up as your coach so I can offer you our free team support if you want it:

P90X:                          90-Day Program + Shakeology + Free Coaching + Facebook Support Group
Focus T25:                 60-Day Program + Shakeology + Free Coaching + Facebook Support Group
Chalean Extreme:     90-Day Program + Shakeology + Free Coaching + Facebook Support Group
Body Beast:               84-Day Program + Shakeology + Free Coaching + Facebook Support Group




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