Can’t decide between P90X3, Focus T25 or 21 Day Fix – Answer!

So you can’t decide between P90X3, Focus T25 or 21 Day Fix huh?  Yes, this is a tough dilemma!  And the problem is, they are all awesome for different reasons and they ALL teach you a key part about fitness and nutrition.

  • P90X3 teaches endurance and muscle strength
  • FOCUS T25 teaches coordination and cardio
  • 21 DAY FIX teaches us how to eat and how to make workouts a habit.
  • SHAKEOLOGY in my opinion, the best meal replacement shake on the market!

I’ve personally done all three programs beginning to end and all of them were very worth my while.  In fact they will be in my regular rotation for a long time to come!


So how you wonder do you choose?

Well, if you are enough of a fitness geek to be wanting ALL THREE programs then I have a little secret for you.  You can get all three in one package + 25% off all beachbody nutrition (Shakeology) and programs in the future.


What? You don’t want to be a coach?  Not a problem, you don’t have to coach anyone if you don’t want to.  Did you know that 80% of Beachbody “Coaches” are only signed up for the discount.  In the future if you ever change your mind, you are always welcome to join my team.  No pressure, ever.

Included in your Showcase Coach Challenge Pack are these stand alone products
(don’t worry, you wont be paying this much!):

Coach Sign Up Fee
21 Day Fix $59.95 + $10 shipping
P90X3 $119.95 + $10 shipping
Focus T25 $119.95 + $10 shipping
Shakeology $129.95 + $12 shipping
Shakeology Taste Sampler $19.95 + $5 shipping



PLEASE READ – before you order:

I don’t want you to have any surprises down the line, so read up! The following is what comes along with signing up as a Coach, ordering the Challenge Pack and what to do to minimize costs.

Purchasing a Coach Showcase Challenge Pack will sign you up for:

  1. Shakeology delivered monthly at the discounted rate. You can change/postpone/cancel at anytime.
  2. 30 day free Beachbody Club Membership. Unless you use the site or recruit other coaches, I will have you cancel this immediately so that you don’t get charged in the second month.
  3. Monthly $15.95 Coach Fee starting the second month. This is unavoidable, but the monthly coach fee + monthly discounted Shakeology STILL costs less than full retail.  You win on this, no question.

The Coach Showcase Challenge Pack is a great way to save a lot of money. You get both savings on Shakeology to stay on point with your nutrition, plus the opportunity (if you want) to make money and help others with their own fitness. It’s truly the best deal out there when it comes to transforming your life.

Start today!


Love to hear your thoughts!