Can I eat carbs and lose belly fat?

Can you eat carbs?

The trendy answer is to say no.  But actually you CAN eat “good” carbs and lose belly fat!

What is a good carbohydrate you ask?

There are carbs in almost every food short of animal meat.  What we all need to pay attention to is finding carbs that give us MORE than just plain old processed carbs in a box with a ton of salt and chemicals. Your body hates boxes!

What foods have more good stuff?

The more colors the better.  No sauce.  No salt.  If you find organic and somewhat locally farmed awesome produce you really won’t need to cover them up with toppings.  Go light on the beats and yams, but otherwise, the more veggies the better.  Please go green as much as possible.

Ancient Grains & Legumes
Was it grown thousands of years ago?  Does it still look the SAME as back then?  Its probably pretty good then.  Quinoa (winner), barley, farro, brown rice, beans, peas, bulgur, etc.  You can have all these ancient grains because they still hold onto their good, fiber-filled nutritious parts.  No processing, no bleaching.  One catch though… you can only have SMALL portions.

Get rid of the processed and manufactured

GRAINS: Wheat and rice and are pretty much part of the “hybridized” family these days.  There are others that I won’t bother with today as well.  And although we can’t get away from it all we can choose to make BETTER CHOICES and LIMIT our quantity consumed.  Always choose an organic veggie over a grain.  And when choosing a grain go for organic – old world and small portions when possible.  The less on the ingredient list the better.  Steer clear of chemicals and preservatives as much as you can.  My favorite is Quinoa (although I hear its a seed).

LEGUMES:  Legumes are fruit that grow in pods, casings have two halves. Legumes are a very healthy food because it is low in fat and high in protein.  Legumes are also very high in fiber and other nutrients.  Go for heirloom varieties. I love organic lentils, beans and peas.

PROCESSED:  Is it in a box or can?  Does it have a list of ingredients longer than 3?  Is the salt over 300mg? Does it never go bad?  These are some of the tips that your food may be over processed.  Think like a farmer, would you eat what is in that box and take the time to go to the store 50 miles away or would you walk outside and pick something for dinner?

Eat your vegetables then fruit!

Sorry, yes the bottom line here is to eat more veggies.  Veggies do contain carbohydrates as well.  Chose colorful, organic, fresh and flavorful veg that make you happy.  Add fruit as your dessert. You wouldn’t eat a pint of ice cream on a diet, nor should you go hog wild with fruit.  Fruit is awesome and such a better choice than traditional desserts, but still.. think of it as dessert.  You will be so much healthier for it!

Sugar = Belly Fat

Remember the belly fat connection?  Sugars… from grains, fruit, desserts, alcohol and whatever else (if they are not burned off) turn into fat.  Its really simple.  Lower your sugar intake, lose belly fat.  Lower the amount of chemicals in your body = improved function.  It all works together.

A Family Farm

How do you find more heirloom variety vegetables? Find a place like Suzie’s Farm in your area.  Buy their CSA box, support the restaurants they sell to.  And stay healthy everyone!

Love to hear your thoughts!