Can I Do P90X3 Pregnant?

P90X3 Pregnant….Well, can you?

10492962_10204114249229154_95133432595179965_oYou’ve been working out, the last thing you want to do when you find out you are pregnant is quit your workouts and lose all the ground you’ve gained over the years.  Well, maybe you do want to quit, but you know you shouldn’t.  Regardless, is P90X3 the right fit for you? Will X3 hurt the baby?  Well, only you know what is best for you, but my advice?  Why not give it a try?
Even 70% effort on this program is better than zero effort sitting on your butt getting flabby right?  I say go for it!

Lets start with the basics:

  1. Consult your doctor.  I’m not a doctor and I don’t know what you are capable of.  Follow my opinion & advice at your own risk.
  2. Take care of your AB muscles.  Always use good posture (even when not working out) and don’t over-do it.  The last thing you want to end up with during or right after your pregnancy is Diastasis recti.  Google it.
  3. Push yourself, but don’t over do it.  Your heart rate should never be so high you feel faint or can’t talk.  No need to cut off blood & oxygen from your little one for a little vanity.

Ok.  So you have P90X3, you borrowed it or you need to BUY IT.  Great, once you have the program in hand you should do two things:

  1. Contact your Beachbody Coach (hopefully its me) and ask for help.  You’d be surprised how much your coach can help you with advice, guidance, suggestions and accountability groups.
  2. READ everything that comes with your program.  Follow the schedule and the nutrition guide (but add more calories to cover your pregnancy needs).  Do not just randomly pull out a DVD and start your workouts.
  3. The Challenge Pack comes with Shakeology.  Get the Vegan version so you aren’t doubling up on your pre-natal vitamins.  Is Shakeology safe pregnant? Well, nobody is going to do testing on pregnant women, that just wouldn’t be ethical.  All we have to go on is other Moms’ experiences.  From what I understand many doctors have approved its use and many of my Beachbody team moms have had no problems with it.  In fact it helps a ton with regularity (You will need help with that) and I have only heard of reports of perfectly healthy babies.  I have not heard any bad results so far.   Use your own judgement.

Modifying P90X3 For Pregnancy

Here is where it gets tricky.  Here is also where I can help you as a coach.  I don’t know the moves that are going to be problematic for you.  BUT, when you discover them, I can help you figure out a modification. This is included for free if you order your program through me.  It still ships from Beachbody & costs the same, I just get credit for the purchase.

Some of my modifications:

  • push-ups on my knees
  • chair-assist for pull-ups
  • skip anything that has me laying on my belly and sub something else similar  in
  • lighter weights sometimes
  • low-impact moves on the jumpy bits



Love to hear your thoughts!