Challenge Packs

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Beachbody offers a number of ways to get your new workout program, set yourself up for success and save money.  The best and most popular way to order is by choosing a “Challenge Pack.”  This gives you not only the exercise programs but Shakeology to help you with your cravings and getting enough protein.  Order Shakeology “HD” so your shakes show up monthly and you never run out!

Challenge Packs include :

  • free coaching from Team Lean & Fit
  • Shakeology  + monthly refills, plus save $10 on shipping if you choose the HD option
  • your new workout program
  • 30-day free trial to the Beachbody website “club membership”
  • some equipment included, check individual program details

This grid shows you the total price per program.  After this purchase, the only future costs would be if you chose to keep Shakeology and the Club Membership.  You may cancel those at any time.



(no Shakeology, no Club Membership):
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