Are you looking for one-on-one help in nailing your nutrition?
Need help setting up your workout program?

If a friend came over to your kitchen and showed you what to throw away and what to buy would it make this getting healthy process a lot easier?  Would a demo of how to weigh food and cook some simple recipes make better use of your time than trying to learn it all on your own?

Well, Jennifer is here to help you.  One-on-one. In the convenience of your own home.  Here are some of the options you can elect to add to your personalized coaching package:

Kitchen Raid!!

Strategic Grocery Shopping

Calculations and Calories

Live Workout Program Demo

Quick and Easy Cooking

Diet Analysis and Recommendations

Calendar & Schedule set up

All programs are custom designed based on your needs and location.  Starting at $250.
Please email for detailed pricing and more information.

Discounts available for those who also purchase a CHALLENGE PACK at the same time!



Love to hear your thoughts!